Health News (Week 26 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

Yes, I am bragging but truth is truth. This week’s newsletter idea came about as we have most of our family here in Sunny Mallorca including our daughter and her family from ‘down under’ (AKA Australia). Australians are famous for taking care in the sunshine (they have lots of it) and imagine my surprise when I found out our daughter’s family are not taking the best protection for sun damage on the market – AstaXanthin+DHA.

What is AstaXanthin+DHA?

Pronounced as Asta-Zan-Thin, for long-term protection of your skin, there is no better antioxidant for this than AstaXanthin+DHA.


All products that say AstaXanthin are not the same!


Since I only use the very best ingredients in all of my formulations, you can be assured that the AstaXanthin I use is the only one with numerous studies not only to indicate the quality but also the outcomes of using it. As well as AstaZanthin, I have included DHA, essential for healthy ageing of our brains and the healthy formation of brain and eyes in pregnancy.

As I indicated above, it’s shown in studies to be the most powerful antioxidant supplement for protecting your skin from premature ageing and other skin problems caused by excess sun exposure. You need the sun for good health and so the sun should not be avoided. Astaxanthin may also help prevent and reverse retinal damage (macular/retinopathy degeneration) from too much sun exposure and is used alongside two other powerful carotenoids – Lutein and Zeaxanthin, both of these are found in my ‘Active Life’ and ‘MaxiFocus’.

Much More Than Simply Skin Protection!

The list of studies show our AstaZanthin+DHA is essential for everyone from developing babies, athletes, ageing eyes and for 90+ brains.

Like most supplements, there are good and bad forms and this is especially true when it comes to Astaxanthin, which is why I used AstaReal in my super AstaXanthin formulation. This is sourced in the USA and Sweden and is the only one I have found with no carcinogens detected. The same can’t be said of offshore Astaxanthin from China, Chile and even some Astaxanthin produced in the USA. So be careful.

More reasons why I chose AstaReal…

  • The Most Studied Astaxanthin
    AstaReal has sponsored more than 120 efficacy studies including over 50 clinical studies conducted in Japan, Sweden and the United States.
  • The Safest Astaxanthin
    AstaReal has sponsored over 40 safety reports, including human clinical trials with subjects undergoing treatments lasting from 2 weeks to 6 months. AstaReal is confirmed FDA GRAS.
  • Breadth of Intellectual Property
    AstaReal is the leading holder of patents related to the use of astaxanthin for human health.
  • Health Professional Recognition
    AstaReal astaxanthin has been endorsed by internationally acclaimed dermatologists, ophthalmologists, urologists, internists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, and nutritionists.
  • Athlete Recognition
    AstaReal astaxanthin has been endorsed by leading triathletes, Olympic medallists, trail runners, track runners, racing drivers, and volleyball, baseball, and football players.
  • Animals Expert Recognition
    AstaReal astaxanthin has been endorsed by leading horse trainers, sled dog racers, and veterinarians.

Why Did I Add A Super Dose Of DHA?

DHA for Brain Health
DHA is a structural fat, making up approximately 30% of the structural fats in the grey matter of the brain and 97% of the total omega-3s in the brain.

DHA for Eye Health
DHA is a major structural fat in the retina of the eye and it plays an important role in both infant visual development and visual function throughout life.

DHA for Heart Health
DHA is a key component of heart health, in large part because it is found in abundant levels in heart tissue. As a result, DHA is important for heart health throughout life.*

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I realise not everyone has the finances to purchase all of the exciting supplements that I formulate. I always recommend as a priority, following a really healthy Ketogenic diet but this is one of those products that may be essential for pregnancy and other critical needs. For more studies and information on AstaXanthin+DHA, search astaxanthin on