My eHealth Books and articles are free to download as well as my magazines that enable you and your family to learn and get healthy beyond anything achievable using the medical/pharma model.

In my articles, you will learn real health care which is not to be confused with disease care. Disease care is the usual offering by the medical/pharma monopoly. Many of my articles are hard-hitting on the medical/pharma model as they are really a disease care organisation and one of my writings exposes a report from Goldman Sachs the banksters who recommended pharmaceutical companies should not research cures as they may put them out of business. Instead, they recommend disease management treatments as more profitable.

I believe it is crucial you know the truth about the dangers of drugs and the safety and effectiveness of following a really healthy lifestyle.

You and your family’s future and finances depend on being effective in good health. At 73, I have become fitter and in good health and join me on my journey.

Take good care

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