Health News (Week 41 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

For the last 70 years, various groups including independently minded dentists, have pleaded for governments to stop the dental business from using mercury (amalgam) for cavity fillings in teeth. The answer has always been, ‘We believe it is safe,’ in spite of all the evidence produced about its many health problems – including the massive increase in mental health problems. Mercury fillings leak a tiny amount of mercury into the mouth.

As well as being a poison:

  • Mercury blocks Magnesium on the ATP molecule
  • Mercury disrupts hormones
  • Mercury increases inflammation

The authorities who never want to be proved ‘wrong’ continued to claim that the deadly poison mercury is safe to put into the mouths of humans. Until now!

Good News?

In July, the UK government announced it was no longer allowing mercury amalgam to be put into the mouths of children under the age of 16 years of age. This would seem to be good news that the authorities had at last realised that mercury poisoning our children is not good – but they are more devious than that.

If they had admitted that mercury in the mouth is poison they would have to also stop it going into the mouths of those adults who do not realise how poisonous mercury in your mouth is. This is because they realise that once it becomes accepted that mercury should never have been used in the first place, they would be open to claims for damage.

Saving The Environment?

The UK Government is claiming the reason for stopping putting mercury in the mouths of children under 16 was to save the environment. Yes, you read this correctly – not to save our children. The UK government reason that mercury is too deadly to be released into the environment but it is OK to put into the mouths of the population (now only in those over the aged of 16).

Is This Crazy?

Very occasionally, readers of my newsletters write to say I may be a little hard on authorities and especially medical experts. I do realise it is very difficult to accept, but it’s the same when you may have realised your parents were not as strong or as wise as you thought (hoped).

There comes a point when we accept that being an adult means we realise that humans, including authorities and experts, cannot be trusted and we have to think carefully about the safest plan for their future…and for my readers, this means the healthiest plan too.

Don’t Panic?

If you have mercury in your amalgam fillings, there are options:

  1. There are Specialist Dentists who can safely remove the mercury from the mouth but even then, you need to research if their techniques are the best. My wife and I have had this done many years ago but it can be expensive with those on limited budgets.
  2. The second choice (Nutritional Supplements) to clear mercury is also essential, whether the mercury has been removed from the fillings or not. This is so any residual mercury left in the body is cleared. There are supplements that will detox the mercury from the body and these are good to be used after mercury removal. If you don’t have the mercury removed by a Dentist, then you will be taking these supplements continually while you still have mercury in your mouth.

Healthy Gums

I have written many times that healthy gums are critical for a healthy body and of course even more so if you have mercury fillings. Even authorities recognise that disease enters the body via gum disease. Search ‘gums’ at to read these articles.

Which Supplements?

I have put these in order of importance::

  1. The most powerful supplement for detoxing mercury is Sublingual Zeolite. Only Zeolite with 20 independent post provocation analysis showed up to 1000-fold increase in mercury elimination.
  2. To help repair the damage and especially the brain, Sublingual Glutathione is the essential antioxidant.
  3. Clay Mercury Detox Baths are useful for mercury and general detoxing.

The Herb Cilantro also known as Coriander is historically used for lead and mercury detoxing so include it fresh in your cooking and diet as much as possible.


Mercury Bath


Healthy Teeth and Healthy Gums are essential to a Healthy Life. Starchy Carbohydrates and high sugar foods and drinks are the enemy of our health and as soon we stop this self-harm, our health always improves.