Health News (Week 23 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

I am furious about some ‘good news’ in the news about cancer.

  1. US Researchers just announced, triumphantly, that many women (60%) with breast cancer no longer need to have chemotherapy, wait for it… because it doesn’t work! You are reading this right. Hundreds of thousands of women have been subject to terrible side effects of chemotherapy for many years…even though it doesn’t work. The oncologists have been delivering a terrible treatment knowing there was no studies to show it did work. Why are these oncologists not being arrested for causing actual bodily harm? They must have known it didn’t work because there couldn’t have been any studies that showed it did work, because it doesn’t work!
  2. There is more ‘good news’. US MERK researchers announced that a person who had 3 months to live (AKA a terminal cancer patient) had fast reversal by using a new auto-immunotherapy. I can understand them thinking that this is great news because this is a very expensive drug and they stand to make billions. But wait, this same drug has been used on others and they did not have this miracle recovery.Dr. Burzynski in Houson Texas has been taken to court many times for having miraculous recoveries for terminal cancer but since the people who recovered were able to testify in court before the judges, he beat every single FDA and Texas Medical Board’s attempt to have him jailed. Why take him to court? Because he is showing it is not difficult to reverse cancer.Personally, I don’t have much time for Merk researchers or Doctors like Burzynski since they both charge a small fortune (10s of thousands) for these treatments.

The Really Good News On Cancer

Since the incidence of cancer is approaching 1 out of every 2 of the general population (within a lifetime), with no medical cures in 60 years and billions of wasted donations and taxpayer’s money, the urgent and sensible thing is prevention.

The really good news is that while there are many factors that trigger cancer, the prime cause was found as far back as 1931 when Dr. Otto Warburg of the Max Planck Institute, Berlin, was awarded the Nobel Prize for showing that cancer was a cell/oxygen dysfunction caused by an excess of glucose. Which is why I say……….

Consuming Sugar (and carbs) is Like Consuming Cancer

Cancer cells are a normal part of the immune system and created to do a specific job but since they are very weak cells compared to our normal cells they are easily killed by our hunter killer immune macrophages after they are no longer needed. That is, they are easily killed in a normal healthy body, but in a high glucose, low oxygen environment, weakened immune system, they become out of control, and take on a new ‘yeast like’ life. In fact, there is always fungus at the site of cancer as more evidence. Cancer cells are still not normal cells and rely on the high glucose, which is needed to sustain them.

Preventing or Clearing Cancer

In my new book Cancer Cell Rehabilitation in 30 Days, I outline the prime causes and the solutions to rehabilitating cancer cells back to a normal functioning part of our immune system. Of course, cancer cells all die in normal circumstances but a little help is needed especially when it is advanced.

These are critical steps to follow:

  • A Ketogenic Food Plan: A very low sugar, high-fat, diet whereby your energy comes from fat and as cancer cells can only live off glucose, cancer cells quickly wither and die.
  • Missing minerals that have disappeared from the foods and are shown in studies to be anti-cancer (e.g. Selenium and Iodine).
  • Nutrients that re-educate the cancer cells to be eliminated by the immune system (e.g. Curcumin).
  • Better breathing to help oxygenate all normal cells to greater health (daily walking is good for this).
  • Improve blood flow around the whole body (e.g. by daily walking).
  • Nutrients to support your immune system (e.g. Vitamin D3, Beta Glucans)

Cancer Cell Rehabilitation in 30 days is available to read for free, CLICK HERE to download

Prevention Is Easier Than Cure

It is obvious to everyone that prevention is the perfect plan to follow. You don’t even need to follow everything in my book to prevent it, just practice the steps above.

If You Do Have Cancer

It is obviously better to find out sooner rather than later but this is not easy. Many tests such as breast screening (mammography or breast MRI) may have been shown to have no value and mammography may make matters worse. Thermographic full body screening using heat sensitive cameras are much more accurate. This is FDA approved in the USA but you would probably need to search out a private doctor there, but in the UK there is a service covering the country see

The other, ‘Good News’ – non-invasive blood tests, are not generally available for around ten years and will only be provided as part of the medical systems ‘slash and burn’ options. The ‘Pharma Mafia’ are likely to be behind this and still pushing their ‘slash and burn’ since their newer drugs are not yet ready.


I could have called my new book, ‘Cancer Cell Auto-Immunotherapy’, as it describes how our lifestyle causes the failure of our immune system and the lifestyle therapy needed to correct and strengthen it. My plan describes perfect Auto-Immunotherapy. However, this name has been grabbed by Big Pharma.

Yes, big Pharma knows most cancers are a dysfunction of the immune system but their ‘Auto-Immunotherapy’ drugs are not ready. The website says, “Auto-Immunotherapy is a new class of cancer treatment that works to harness the innate powers of the immune system to fight cancer. Because of the immune system’s unique properties, these therapies may hold greater potential than current treatment approaches to fight cancer more powerfully, to offer longer-term protection against the disease, to come with fewer side effects, and to benefit more patients with more cancer types”.

Another Big Pharma Lie.

All of the drugs under research are $100,000+ a year drugs prescribed to boost our hunter killer cells and of course the medical system is blackmailed into prescribing them. There will be no mention of a lifestyle change that can produce better results and nothing will stop Big Pharma except when it bankrupts the finances of our medical systems.

You have the perfect Auto-Immunotherapy system in your body (and in my book) and if you want to clear cancer or just want to prevent it, the sooner you start the sooner your Immunotherapy will show results.

Cancer Cell Rehabilitation in 30 Days is available to read for free, CLICK HERE to download.

Just so you know I try to follow my own advice in this book as much as possible since my father died of cancer at aged 64. I am now in my 72th year and feel great. So can you.


Even if you are having medical cancer treatment, the plan in my book will help enormously – especially to alleviate the damage done by medical treatments. There are always other things you can also add to your Auto-Immunotherapy plan. Ask Good Health Coaches if in doubt.