Health News (Week 21 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

The medical system never fails to amuse or bewilder me with its so-called research. The media, as usual, presents medical research (mostly opinion) in a confusing way. The latest in the media is a report from a Professor Mel Greaves from the London Institute of Cancer Research.

His latest report concludes that the huge increase in the common form of childhood Leukemia is likely caused by children not playing around in the dirt and not being exposed to microbes (the new term for infections). You will not be surprised that lots of other cancer researchers disagree, especially those working on expensive drugs to control this condition (at great expense).

Not surprisingly…

I disagree with the professor and the other researchers. Disease potential in babies may start with an unhealthy lifestyle and lack of nutrition in the parents even at the point of conception. It is not simply an extravagance that breeders of pedigree animals give the male and the female extra nutrition before the mating and conception process. They know that the healthiest pedigree animals are produced by a perfect diet.

I think it is not politically correct for researchers and doctors to point out to humans their lifestyle and that lack of nutrition is a factor in the health of their babies (and children). It also opens the floodgates to consider all of our diseases are being caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and lack of nutrition, and that would exclude the need for medicine. Ouch!

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The Medical System

Everybody knows (or thinks they know) what the word medicine means. Some say it is a friend in times of need when we are sick. I say, possibly – in a few cases. But in the main, it is part of a fraud and deception when it comes to getting us healthy.

What Is Health?

Health is not merely being able to get through the day without falling down. It is much more than that and readers of my books and articles will understand.

First, I have to qualify the meaning of health. The medical system uses the word so loosely they appear not to want a real definition. An example is that they call themselves a ‘health service’, whereas a more accurate description is a disease management system.

The Natural Health Movement (and me) agrees with the WHO (World Health Organisation) definition of Health:
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

What Is Medicine?

The Oxford English Dictionary says that medicine is “the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease (in technical use often taken to exclude surgery).”

So, the first dictionary explanation is that medicine is “the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.” Notice the part “science OR practice.” You would think that medicine should be scientifically based, not a practice.

Doesn’t the medical system and medical researchers (hereafter called The Medical Monopoly) brag that medicine is science? Yes, they do. In fact, that is the whole big gun they aim at the Natural Health Movement through nutrition and lifestyle. They claim that their medicine is scientifically based and that enzymes, minerals, and vitamins have no basis in science.


  • Medicine is not scientific in general.
  • Medicine does not work most of the time (as in, it does not get anyone healthy).
  • Pharmaceutical marketing is based on bribery, deception, and fraud.
  • Drug acceptance is based on scientific fraud and deception.
  • Pharmaceutical companies are guilty of terrorizing and deceiving the population into taking their drugs.


Only around 8 per cent of conventional medicine has been scientifically proven to be effective, a new study has discovered. The ‘success’ of medicine has been achieved through spin, data manipulation and by ignoring the failures.

The true picture has emerged only since regulations that control clinical medical trials have been tightened up in the US. Before the stricter rules were introduced in 2000, 57 per cent of large-budget clinical trials for the prevention or treatment of heart disease were returning positive results; since then, just 8 per cent of trials have been positive.

Researchers from Oregon State University explored large trials that were funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. In all of the 55 studies reviewed, 30 were published before the regulations were tightened, and 25 published since. Of the 25 published more recently, just two had positive outcomes, compared with 17 of the 30 studies published under more lax reporting requirements.

What Is The Medical Monopoly?

I call it “The Medical Monopoly” because that is what it has become. Over hundreds of years, a battle raged between two distinct groups of physicians; the Natural Health Group and the Medical Group (my descriptions). Since both groups mainly used herbs and minerals (and a few toxic substances), it really was a battle for power and not ideology. Of course, they made up various reasons to denigrate and disparage the other group’s work and results, but none of this was based upon science.

I first came across the history of this battle when I read a huge book called The Cambridge Illustrated History of Medicine by Roy Sydney Porter. At the time, in the early ’90s, I was in the early phase of my research to understand why both of my parents had died young (my mother at 62 and my father a year later at 64).

Roy Porter (1946-2002) was the historian at the Wellcome Trust in London when he wrote this book, and he is justifiably recognised as the most influential historian of medicine of his generation. In the book, he explains the battle that raged between the two groups of physicians in a surprisingly balanced way.

This did surprise me as I do include the Wellcome Trust as part of The Medical Monopoly. I justify this inclusion as it has the largest stash of tax-free cash at £16 billion and is the second largest private investor in the world of The Medical Monopoly, after the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that has copied this tax-free trust model. We know that these two mega tax-free trusts are part of (or support) The Medical Monopoly.

Unfortunately, Roy Porter trusted the same doctor model that was supposed to look after the health of my parents, and he dropped dead at the even younger age of 58.


Some supplements are essential for good health and long-term recovery but then so is: walking every day, not sitting down for more than 3 hours per day, drinking pure water, stopping sugar, carbs and processed foods, mostly eating plant based foods, and of course doing things that make you and your loved ones genuinely happy!




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