Health News (Week 48 – 2019)
By Robert Redfern

No, this is not another rant about climate change, although if you want to read my take on it then I have given you a link at the bottom of this article to download my 4-page article taken from my Naturally Health News Magazine. Instead, this health article is about two of the very basics of life and health; carbon and oxygen.

CO2 (Very Simply)

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is a gas made up of 1-part carbon and 2-parts oxygen used by all plants and trees to create the unique green environment on Earth. Carbon and oxygen are 2 essential elements from the 118 elements that make up everything in the universe. There is a tiny amount of CO2 in the atmosphere which varies depending upon both natural events and unnatural events created by humans.

Oxygen (identified in 1771AD) is an element critically used, minute by minute, to maintain the health, energy and regeneration of every cell in the body. It is also critical for the immune system to clean up toxins, cancer cells and infections. To make it clear of its importance – we cannot live more than a few minutes without oxygen.

Carbon (identified 2,500BC) is the common element of all known plants and creatures. In the human body. it is second only to oxygen in its abundance. It is also the most common element in coal and diamonds.

CO2 in Health

The words CO2 and health don’t naturally go together but life (as we know it) would not exist on this planet without CO2. In pre-industrial times before mass destruction of trees the CO2 was around 280 parts per million (PPM). With the decimation of trees, industrial farming and industrialisation, the CO2 has risen to 410 PPM. We now critically need this higher level to speed up the growth of trees and other greenery. This regreening has already started according to satellite observations.

Regreening of the planet is essential for the ecology of the whole planet but we also need this regreening to save animal life and especially humans by supplying you with higher levels of oxygen.

Human Respiration

Oxygen as I described earlier, is critical for your life and health. You get this by correct breathing. Correct breathing also clears CO2 from your lungs that occurs when the food we eat is utilized by the body. If CO2 is not cleared by correct breathing, then the blood acidifies and leads to the death of red blood cells. Red blood cells are critical for good health and if depleted, can lead to lack of energy which can lead to more unhealthy breathing.

Causes of Unhealthy Breathing

Healthy breathing takes place in the diaphragm (tummy) with long slow breathes in and out. Poor breathing takes place in the chest with shorth breathes in and out. This may be a learned behaviour from a stressed life which may have starting in childhood.

Other causes of poor breathing shown in studies to shorten lives include:

  • Sitting down for more than 3hrs per day
  • Not walking long enough each day
  • Not walking fast enough

The good news is, its only a matter of practice to correct to healthy breathing.

Healthy Breathing

As with any learned behaviours it is simply a matter of practice makes perfect. In the case of breathing, there are muscles involved and these have to be exercised to make them strong.
Healthy breathing is in the diaphragm (tummy) which expands on the in-breath and deflates back under the rib cage on the out-breath.

Walking is the best exercise of all for improving breathing. Its recommended to walk 3-5 miles per day (5-8km). Walking fast with long strides shows amazing improvements in health and better breathing.

Standing whenever possible and especially working at a computer with the centre of the screen level with your eyes, allows you to breathe and improve circulation at the same time.

De-stressing your thinking will help you to breathe healthily. Stressed breathing is in your chest and you cannot be stressed with diaphragmic (tummy) breathing.

Healthy Lungs

No matter what the medical doctors say, you can improve your lung function. I have had too many people report back to me over the last 20 years who have successfully reversed death sentences from lung problems – including Pulmonary Fibrosis to be in any doubt.


Breathing oxygen in and CO2 out can only happen correctly by following a healthy lifestyle and getting the right nutrition. Following these steps will ensure you keep healthy. Those with unhealthy lungs need more serious actions.

Download my Climate Change article here




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