Health News (Week 35 – 2019)
By Robert Redfern

I trust those of us in the northern climates have managed to get a little sunshine and upped their Vitamin D3 over the summer. I managed a whole week in Mallorca and a day trip to a water park with are visiting Melbourne family. They go back to Melbourne in a few weeks just as spring is around the corner there and we are going to miss our grandchildren.

Families used to be spread around the country, but in these modern times, they are spread around the world. I know it’s not popular, but air travel is a boon when you are desperate to see your family and grandchildren in person. Typically, it’s just on a daily video call on Skype or Facetime to keep us connected.

Censorship News

I mentioned in the past the Censorship that is taking place by the likes of Google and Facebook, but now, even the Credit Card Companies are starting Censorship. As well as banning the use of credit cards to purchase products containing CBD, they are even banning hemp oil, and hemp protein shake.

Lots of Good News

Good news – I am setting up another web site for the CBD and other censored products, and will use a more friendly Credit Card Merchant. To order at the moment please call the helpline and speak to Customer Support.

Good news – My weekly newsletters will still be providing you with all of the information you need to get and stay healthy, whatever your budget. Unfortunately, when some of the email companies’ software detects health information, they send the emails to the trash or spam folders, so always look there. You can add all of my emails such as to your email contacts, and some have a system of ‘whitelisting’ safe emails. Please share my newsletters with everyone you know as this is the most powerful way to get past the censors.

Good news – My Qualified Health Coaches are still available to offer personal telephone and even Skype help when you need close support. Even your friends who are not customers can use this, and it is free for the initial consultation. Other consultations are low cost being subsidised by Good Health Coaching Ltd. Register at

Good news – My books are not censored, and I am constantly updating them with any new information that new research is revealing. I do however get censored when I try to advertise them in the newspapers and magazines. By telling readers of the studies that lifestyle and nutrition changes can get rid of a disease, the media call it ‘making claims’. Of course, the truth of what independent studies show is not a claim, it is merely the truth. Again, you can share far and wide the link to my free eBooks at

Good news – My latest Naturally Health News Magazine is now available and the censors cannot block free speech in that. If you are in the UK and have signed up for a copy in the mail, then it will be dropping through the door in the next few days. The rest of the world should receive the Naturally Health News Magazine with their orders.

In the meantime, you can download a copy but keep watch for some special offers and discount codes.

From Monday onwards I will be emailing details of the special offers and discount codes. Again, please share this latest Magazine and special offers far and wide with your contact list.


Good Health Naturally is a not for profit organisation and gives the tremendous free support that is not offered by any other company in the world that I know of. Thank you for your support and please share it far and wide