Health News (Week 36 – 2019)
By Robert Redfern

I am particularly interested in new studies showing that Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) has many of the benefits previously claimed by natural health proponents. Anne and I are going to give it a good try once the family visit is over in a couple of weeks.

The critical question – is it safe?

ADF is very safe for those who eat healthy on eating days. It does not increase binge eating on the eating days or cause weight to regain after stopping the ADF. You can stop and start it anytime, such as family visits or holidays.

Those with mental eating problems or who are underweight should not follow ADF, but most health problems, including depression, will benefit from it (in spite of what doctors say).
I repeat you must eat healthily on the eating days.

Here are the benefits that I conclude for ADF up to 24 weeks:

  1. It Saves Money – reducing your food bill by 50% has to be a good reason for most people!
  2. It Gets You Healthier – Heart health, diabetes, depression and most diseases show improvement. Even healthy weight people get health benefits.
  3. It Gives You A Better BMI – Lowers all fat and especially your waistline (up to 3”/7cm) in 24 weeks.
  4. Save Time For Other Things – Like Walking?
  5. More Energy – If you walk, the energy that comes from more oxygen and fewer sugar increases. The more you walk, the healthier and slimmer you become with ADF.
  6. No Muscle Loss – Unlike severe fasting or other diets.
  7. Easy To Stick To – Compared to everyday dieting.
  8. One Day Diet – Much more comfortable to concentrate on eating healthy food.


What can I drink on ADF fast days?

Drink six glasses of water (with 1/3rd teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in each glass), tea with lemon, black coffee.

Can I eat anything on ADF fast days?

If you find the first few weeks of ADF fast days difficult then try keeping some mixed nuts close to hand. By chewing them very slowly until they are completely dissolved, you will get the highest satisfaction. Do this each time you start to panic or get the desire to break the fast. Do not consume juices or smoothies on fast days.

Can I take my supplements on ADF fast days?

Yes, absolutely and especially something such as Nascent Iodine and Active Life in 3 doses over the day to keep your energy levels in balance.

When should I start on ADF?

Start anytime your schedule is reasonably clear and try to arrange family or friends visits and meals on your alternate meal days.


Health is your most enormous wealth, and now you can increase your wealth as you improve your wealth.