Health News (Week 19 – 2019)
By Robert Redfern

Yes, it’s true. After the age of 21 its downhill all the way, and we start to die a little every day. How much we die each day depends upon two things; our genes, and our lifestyle. Contrary to the medical experts, our genes, as important as they claim, are not as critical as our lifestyle in influencing how much we die every day.

Lifestyle is critical and not just what we do as adults, but how it starts before we are conceived. The lifestyle of our parents before conception and during the pregnancy will have an influence on our genes, health, intelligence and survival in the first few years. Even being conceived is becoming difficult with the epidemic of infertility of both prospective parents which is mostly caused by their lifestyle. If we got past the pregnancy and the first few weeks of life, then by the age of five we have a much better chance of surviving.

The continuing risks of death from a poor lifestyle in our first 25 years are maybe low, (around 200 per 100,000 population), but still devastating for their families and mostly preventable.

I Die A Little Less Every Day.

I have been practising dying a little less every day for the past 33 years. My parents died at aged 62 and 64 within a year of each other and as well as lifestyle as the prime cause, the pharma disease management delivered by the doctors made things worse. The results were, I woke up to the risks of poor lifestyle at aged 40 and finally listened to my wife.

Since then I have made it my life’s work to research the science, to ensure I follow the best lifestyle and to die a little less each day. I have shared this through my books to many hundreds of thousands, and the grateful feedback inspires me to carry on dying a little less each day.

How Do You Die A Little Less Each Day?

Everything is detailed in my books, but simply it is:

  1. Ageing – At any age, our body and immune system need more loving tender care to keep it strong, and the most significant threat is sugar.
  2. Sugar – Cut out any sugar by cutting out bread, cookies, biscuits, breakfast cereals, rice, potatoes, parsnips, and high sugar fruits.
  3. Grains and Cereals – Leave them out.
  4. Lack of Exercise – Walking 3-5 miles every day or the equivalent mix of walking and exercise is essential to oxygenating your body and brain. Oxygen is critical for a healthy body and brain. Sedentary people who consume a high sugar diet are at greater risk of lower limb amputation. We cannot live for more than a few minutes without oxygen, and it is almost impossible to breathe efficiently in a sitting position. Laying down is better than sitting. Walking is the best.
  5. Lack of Critical Minerals – Minerals are disappearing from the over-farmed food and these are essential for the body and immune system to work effectively. Magnesium, Selenium, Iodine, and ActiveLife are the critical minerals, and others are essential to support a healthy immune system. If you also have an existing health problem then download my books and follow the plan.
  6. Drinking Water – Almost everyone is not drinking the correct amount of water. Your blood will become unhealthy without this critical nutrient, and you cannot live for more than 7 days without water.
  7. Real Foods – Real foods are vegetables (greens), dark-skinned fruits, seeds and fats from oily fish and other seafoods (non-farmed).

Examples Of Recovery Following A Healthy Lifestyle, By The Book!

‘I’m now six weeks pregnant.’
“My husband and I have been married for about 7 years and I couldn’t bear a child. I have sought all the help I could get from medical professionals and I always thought I was just barren. Finally, I tried Serrapeptase and followed Robert’s health plan almost religiously. I also changed my eating habits and adopted a healthier lifestyle. I am now six weeks pregnant! Thank you for your support and all the work that you do!”

Jessica T., Australia

‘Pregnant at last!’
“I’ve had two miscarriages and felt like I can never get pregnant. In January of last year, I had surgery to remove a benign cyst in my uterus. I found your website and took Serrapeptase with the aim to clear my system before we attempted for another child. I’m now 7 months pregnant and the baby is healthy. I’m thankful I found your site and got the chance to get advice from Robert himself.”

Georgina M., Canada



“I have suffered with acute bronchitis for years. I felt certain that I was going to have it forever and the symptoms were so painful. Now I can see that serrapeptase was the answer all along. Since taking it the inflammation is easing and I’m no longer feeling so much mucous in my throat. The coughing is clearing and finally I feel like I can breathe easy!”

Janet, Cheshire

“Dear Robert,
I wrote to you seven weeks ago about Serrapeptase dosages. I am so pleased to say I am continuing to make progress. I am also taking Oxysorb & Curcumin. I have seen a great improvement in my eyesight (quite unexpectedly.) With gratitude from a much improved COPD sufferer.”

Sheila H.



“I visited my optician who told me I had a cataract. I didn’t know how to react and I went home in a state of shock and panic. I had numerous visits to an eye doctor who only seemed to confirm my worst fears that the condition would get worse and not better. However, I decided to take ownership of my health and I looked online for an answer. After some research and on recommendation from a friend, I decided to try your products: the CAN-C drops, MaxiFocus, Advanced Glutathione Spray alongside the serrapeptase that you suggested for overall good health. I am pleased to report I have seen a significant improvement in my overall vision and the clouded part of my eye is now clear again. Thank you so much!”

Emily, Derbyshire

“Age related macular degeneration was what I was diagnosed with recently and while my eyesight has deteriorated over the past few weeks I had no idea to the extent that this was occurring or that it was so serious. I had wet AMD where abnormal blood vessels form underneath the macula and this then damages its cells. I consulted you about what I needed to do and you suggested I take Serranol, a combination of serrapeptase and curcumin for best results. The difference has been staggering…one week later and my eyesight is already improving. Thank you!!”

Jim, Stoke on Trent


There is no downside to living a healthy lifestyle (except initial inconvenience). Within a few months when it is obvious that you are dying a little less each day, only a person bent on suicide would go back to their previous lifestyle. At least that’s what I think. The rest is your choice.