Health News (Week 26 – 2015)
By Robert Redfern

If I ask anyone under 75 without an existing terminal disease if they want to die soon they always say ‘of course not’. When I ask them do they have a plan to live longer they usually reply no. These two answers are at odds with each other because if you do not want to die soon, then without a plan the odds are against living much longer.

The Facts:

Half of all of the population at aged 65 in most western countries will die within the next 15 years. I am in my 70th year and will celebrate my 70th birthday in 6 months time so I am as aware as the next person the odds are closing in. Readers will be aware both of my parents died at age 62 and 64, so genetically I have to take more care than others.

Can You Afford To Live Longer?

Since 1950 the life expectancy of a 65 year old has increased from an average of 8 extra years to an extra 14 years. In other words you can now live an extra 6 years thanks to better sanitation, better clean water, better diet and less hard manual work. The medical system will try to claim some benefit from their drugs and surgery but it is impossible to prove since their drugs and treatment kill hundreds of thousands every year in each country, as well as saving some lives.

During the last 50 years there has been a social experiment in some countries whereby the population has been given free nursing care when they got older but that is rapidly being seen as an impossible cost. Since most countries social systems are bankrupt (not just that of Greece) they are at least means testing the care or simply taking every penny you have for this care.

In the UK this care can cost thousands per month. The older you get without a plan to stay healthy the more chance you will end up penniless. Every day I hear of people who have had a stroke or dementia being taken into care when a simple plan may have prevented it. Even so-called wealthy Germany has promised care and pensions that are unsustainable and will bankrupt the country if it does not make charges.

Simple Food and Lifestyle Changes Will Help Prevent This Tragedy:

The studies are absolutely clear on this but while your doctor may make references to it they do not beg you to make the changes. I will because I am 100% sure your life will be better with these changes:

    • Stop all Bread, Pasties, Cookies, Breakfast Grains & Cereals, Rice, Potatoes, Parsnips and Wheat Pasta.Why?Because they contain things that are dangerously detrimental to your health. Yes even organic grains and cereals!
    • Stop all processed drinks such as Cola, Fruit Juices, and excess alcoholic drinks.Why?

      Because they are high in sugars and chemical alternatives to sugars.

    • Add lots of green vegetables in smoothies, soups, and salads.Why?

      Because they stimulate growth factors that reverse ageing and keep you younger. Try a 60 day Green Smoothie Diet and look in the mirror if you want to prove it to yourself.

    • Add lots of Dark skinned fruits such as Avocados, Blueberries, Raspberries and other berriesetc.Why?

      Because these are full of natural antioxidants to protect your arteries and brain from damage.

    • Add lots of Exercise and movement and stop sitting down for more than 3 hours per day.Why?

      Studies are absolutely clear sitting down for more than 3 hours per day is devastating for your healthy future. Walking for a couple of hours per day, rebounding on a mini trampoline and simple stretching and muscle exercises will prevent disease and keep you strong.

    • Add Water: Drink Water.Why?

      Drinking 6-8 glasses of water over the day before 6pm will help keep you healthy and lower your blood pressure when combined with the above.

    • Add Salt: Take rock salt or unprocessed sea salt daily.Why?

      To maintain some of the missing minerals from the diet.

  • Add Purpose To Your Life: Keep working or at least do voluntary work but do something of value to you and society. This will keep you younger. I feel like a 40 year old!

Take The Critical Supplements Missing From The Diet:

Whatever your budget you cannot risk not taking something and ending up with bills that will bankrupt you. Whether it is one or two things such as Iodine, Selenium or Active Life, or the 15 things my wife and I take daily, they are infinitely cheaper than spending thousands on nursing care after a stroke or dementia.

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Remember, whatever your age, the sooner you take care of yourself the better and if your clock is ticking as mine is, there is no time to lose.