Health News (Week 25 – 2015)
By Robert Redfern

In the last few weeks I have flown on nine airplanes and have been as far as Hong Kong. It is amazing how many people say, ‘You must be shattered’ or ‘How do you cope with the jet lag?’ Well I’m not and I do. I will reveal more about my solutions later in this newsletter.

In the next 10 days I will be on a further four flights but this time it is all leisure. My wife Anne has booked us into a get-away-from-it-all holiday in a bed and breakfast ‘Trullo’, in the Italian Province of Pulia. The Trullo is a pointed house unique to this area and was built out of stone slabs with just soil between each one.

They were developed by subsistence farmers so they could quickly dismantle it every year when it was time for the tax collector to come around to collect property taxes. We are looking forward to a relaxing time.

Tips for Healthy Flying and a Vacation

There are many problems with flying which can spoil a vacation:

    1. The main problem is poor blood flow when flying or sitting for
      long periods, caused by: junk food, lack of water, lack of movement and poor
      breathing as a result of this lack of movement.The solutions:

        • Drink 500ml (16oz) of water every hour of flying.
        • Don’t wait for the water to be served to you. Walk to the galley to get exercise as well.
        • Don’t eat airline food. Take your own prepared food or at least purchase a takeaway salad at the airport if it’s a long flight. Avoid sugary foods and drinks.
        • Keep alcohol to a minimum.
        • Do the breathing exercises you will find in any of my downloadable books.
      • Do take OxySorb if you have existing breathing problems.
      • Absolutely take BlockBusterAllClear to keep your blood flowing as healthy as possible. Take two capsules before flying, two every three hours (or mid-flight) and two after landing.
    1. Red itchy eye problems are quickly and easily solved with my own solution of essential MSM/Silver Drops – for dry eyes and itchy ears.
    1. Upset stomach or even worse food poisoning can be prevented by taking Prescript Biotics. Even though we take this on a regular basis you can never be sure there isn’t a ‘foreign bug’ waiting to get into your stomach. Prescript Assist is the fastest solution to food poisoning (at the rate of x5 per hour until recovered).
  1. Overdosing on sunshine is prevented by taking AstaXanthin before and during your vacation. Still, take care if you are not used to getting daily sunshine onto your body.
  2. Wear loose clothing and stick to natural fabrics as these are the most comfortable and can prevent constricted blood flow. Avoid wearing compression stockings if you have a family history of blood clots. It’s advisable to wear clothes with plenty of abdomen space to allow your body to expand naturally with the pressure, so pants with a drawstring or elastic waistband are best.

We will also have some of our other regular supplements to ensure we continue to take these on a daily basis…I’m not sure that we will have much room for anything else!