Health News (Week 11 – 2017)
By Robert Redfern

Scared of Stopping Statins?

Like many people, you may be influenced by the erroneous advice from doctors that statins will save your life. The studies when independently evaluated show the slight benefit is outweighed by the side effects of taking such dangerous drugs.

In any case statins are taken for lowering cholesterol and the facts are that just as many people with low cholesterol die at the same rate as people with high cholesterol. So what is the point in lowering cholesterol if it does not save your life?

If you are still too scared to stop taking statins then my recommendation is the same as many ‘good doctors’ around the world and that is to also take Ubiquinol CoQ10 or HySorbQ10 to stop the side effects (powerful CoQ10 forumulas). In any case…

New Study Shows Diet is More Effective Than Statins

If you want healthier cholesterol levels and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease then a new study at Harvard Medical School by scientists who looked at the results from 49 separate clinical trials showed that a healthier diet was better than statins.

Unfortunately your doctor may not be taking advice from this study but may carry on allowing drug companies and their representatives to give biased information.

Diet is the Real Disease

The real cause of disease is diet and long time readers of my newsletters and books will see I have not changed this advice for the past 25 years. Grains, cereals, GMO foods and animal feed in factory farms, and processed foods are the prime cause and there is a better and more accurate marker for disease than high cholesterol. This marker is called ‘High Homocysteine’. High levels (over the base of 6) increase risk of premature death by up to 10% for every point above base. Diet and especially lacking in B-vitamins is the prime factor in elevated Homocysteine.

Where does this leave you?

I trust you are researching all of the information and are reading this as part of your research. If so then these are the facts as far as the latest science shows:

  1. Statins do not work to give you a longer healthier life and have numerous body and mind side-effects.
  2. High cholesterol is not a disease and if anything it’s a warning and your body’s best attempt to protect your arteries from the inflammatory damage caused by eating grains, cereals and other unnatural foods.
  3. High Homocysteine is a disease and lowering it will help you to live a longer and healthier life.
  4. This inflammation is caused in the main by eating grains and cereals and other unnatural foods. This includes the so-called ‘healthy’ whole-grains.

How do you live a longer and healthier life?
Gain healthy cholesterol?
Achieve healthy Homocysteine?

  1. Stop all grains and cereals. Yes all of them and if in doubt – leave it out!
  2. Take B4Health Spray as the best and most powerful and absorbable B-Vitamin complex.
  3. Take Active Life – 130 Nutrients/Vitamin/Minerals to deliver a full spectrum of micronutrients.
  4. If you are over 45, consider UB8Q10 Ubiquinol. Take 50mg x 2 times per day (this is x8 better than ordinary CoQ10).
  5. Consider BlockBuster or Serranol as a long-term cardiovascular anti-inflammatory.

If you need help to follow a cardiovascular plan, follow my health plan to get really healthy first before allowing medical intervention.

Healthy People Do Not Die of Cardiovascular Diseases