Health News (Week 12 – 2017)
By Robert Redfern

Are you Feeling Scared?

I don’t blame anyone for feeling scared with the latest terror attacks and the media portrayal of them. As if the stresses of life were not bad enough with every day worries, these attacks and the massive scare stories hyped by the media are enough to concern even the toughest person.

What is the Terror?

There is much terror spreading around the world by the ‘Deep States’ that are colluding in every country. Who would have thought that in the home of the free, the USA, the UK, and other Western Countries, their ‘Deep State’ would be colluding and helping Saudi Arabia to wage both outright terror wars on other Muslims just because they are the wrong sort of Muslim.

This war (600 years old) is deliberately being spread into western countries to destabilize them and bring them into this war on the side of the Saudi regime. This terror is spread by destabilizing every country where the ‘wrong’ Muslims live, forcing them to leave and move to western countries so that practically no country is now safe.

The fact is more Muslims are killed by other Muslims everyday in the world so these isolated attacks in the west are initially designed to scare us.

My Real Concern?

My concern is not the war, terror or politics. It is the health of my family and all of my readers around the world. There is no doubt that a leading cause of ill health including heart disease, cancer, immune dysfunction and many more have stress, anxiety, and depression as a factor.


Scientists have discovered that every day stress is a trigger for the growth of tumours. Professor Tian Xu, a geneticist at Yale University who led the study, said: “A lot of different conditions can trigger stress signaling including physical stress, emotional stress, infections and inflammation.”

Heart Attacks

Researchers from University College London recently reported that your chances of experiencing a heart attack are 23% higher. This is the first time such a risk factor has been reported.

Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Stress even accelerates the decline of the eye retina as shown in recent studies.

All Diseases

Even the Pharma puppet, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has stated that 85% of all diseases appear to have an emotional element, but the actual percentage is likely to be even higher.

This is not a terror article. This is the information you need to get total understanding that you need to deal with stress and anxiety responses to get and stay healthy, by first dealing with stress, anxiety and depression to live a healthier life.

My Problem

I don’t get scared or anxious at the bad things happening in the world but I do get angry. The body is damaged just as much by anger as it is by fear. To deal with the anger I have learned to breathe away stress and to meditate while visualizing a better life for me while sharing it with everyone I am connected with.

I have created various supplements to help me to deal with stress but the most powerful one that I take every day contains Ashwagandha, Rhodiola and L-Theanine. These are three extracts which have been successfully used better than any other solution for stress, anxiety and in my case, anger. The extra benefit is they are also great for overall health and vitality.

The first important ingredient is KSM66 – a patented form of Ashwagandha, a plant extract. This patent guarantees a consistent purity and effectiveness. The studies show improvement in testosterone, cognition and memory, energy and stamina, weight management, muscle strength, and improved sexual function in men and women.

This means it:

  1. Helps promote a healthy response to every day stress, over-work and fatigue
  2. Helps support normal levels of mental clarity, concentration and alertness
  3. Helps support normal levels of vigor and performance
  4. Helps enhance sports performance

The second important ingredient is Rhodiola Rosea Extract – Known for its potent anti-stress, anti-depression, and anti-aging benefits. Rhodiola has long been called the “depression herb” in Russia for this reason, and is popularly given to aging political leaders to reduce fatigue and increase mental sharpness. Like Ashwagandha, Rhodiola is also an adaptogen that helps the body to self-balance and buffer stress. Rhodiola can be taken as a daily supplement to improve physical and mental performance, with the potential to naturally relieve depression by increasing serotonin levels in the brain.

This means it:

  1. Helps to promote a healthy ‘feel good’ response to daily challenges
  2. Helps support normal levels of mental sharpness
  3. Helps support normal levels of energy
  4. Helps with enhancing alertness

The Last (but not least) Ingredient is L-Theanine – An amino acid found mainly in green and black tea. L-Theanine is wonderful for helping you to be more relaxed without sedating you (relaxed but alert).

This means:

  1. It helps to support a healthy liver
  2. Enhances mood and relaxation
  3. Supports normal brain chemistry
  4. Enhances and supports sleep patterns

My Daily RealFocus

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