Vitamin C Is More Than 10x Effective At Killing Cancer Cells |

Vitamin C may potentially be a cancer treatment according to research from the University of Salford in Manchester. Researchers found that Vitamin C is up to 10x more effective at stopping the growth of cancer cells than certain drugs.

Previous research has shown that Vitamin C can reduce mortality in breast cancer patients, but this latest piece of research provides evidence that indicates Vitamin C can target and kill cancer stem cells.

These are the cells believed to inhibit chemotherapy treatment, resulting in the recurrence of disease and metastasis. In this experiment, researchers measured the impact of several substances including Vitamin C for its effects on cancer stem cells. While a natural antibiotic and one experimental drug performed better than Vitamin C, the latter was found to be 10x more effective at stopping cell growth than when compared with another drug.

While research from the National Cancer Institute has shown that high doses of Vitamin C can be a treatment option for cancer since the 1970s, new lab research indicates that large amounts of this nutrient could potentially slow the growth of several types of cancer cells and this includes cancer of the colon, liver, pancreas and prostate.

This is exciting research as it means that Vitamin C can potentially provide a cheap, convenient and natural solution in the fight against cancer. Unfortunately, Vitamin C doesn’t receive a lot of funding into its cancer-killing potential and in the 1980s the Mayo Clinic found that there were actually no anti-cancer benefits. However, researchers argued that the tests were flawed as the Vitamin C was taken orally instead of intravenously where it’s more readily absorbed by the gut and excreted by the kidneys.

A more efficient way to take Vitamin C is in the form of Liposomal Vitamin C which is much more absorbable than tablets. Liposomes act as a vehicle to transport Vitamin C into the body more efficiently and in this way, virtually all of the vitamin gets into the bloodstream and any issues of bowel discomfort that may be associated with oral vitamin C tablets are completely avoided.

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Vitamin C Is More Than 10x Effective At Killing Cancer Cells |