Most people only hear about Lithium in their rechargeable batteries yet what many might not realise is that water with naturally high levels of lithium may help to support your brain health against Alzheimer’s and other kinds of dementia.

The Danish study published in JAMA Psychiatry of more than 800,000 people found that when lithium is consumed at certain concentrations it can potentially decrease the risk of dementia.

The research team from the University of Copenhagen conducted water samples from 151 waterworks in Denmark and also calculated lithium exposure levels for nearly 74,000 people with dementia, along with more than 733,000 healthy people.

The team came across some surprising findings. The highest concentrations of lithium were linked to a decreased risk of dementia, while the medium concentrations also presented a higher risk.

When compared with people whose drinking water contained 2 to 5 micrograms of lithium per litre, people who consumed between 5.1 and 10 micrograms per litre were more than 22% likely to have dementia. Whereas those who had 15 micrograms per litre or more of lithium were 17% less likely to have the condition.

Lithium is known to have neuroprotective benefits and is commonly used as a treatment for bipolar disorder. While within animal studies, extremely high concentrations of 125 milligrams per litre have been found to boost the memory of test subjects.

Some researchers believe however that we can’t use lithium in drinking water to boost brain health, claiming that they wouldn’t know what amount to use to create the most benefit.

Lithium Orotate – A Natural Solution For Good Brain Health

Lithium Orotate provides a natural and safe solution for balancing moods and supporting healthy brain chemical responses. As a healthy alternative to antidepressants, lithium orotate has been used by professionals for many years to promote good brain health.

May Increase Your Lifespan

Lithium has also been discovered to boost your lifespan by more than a fifth according to recent tests carried out by scientists at University College London.

The researchers investigated the healthy ageing process in fruit flies given low doses of lithium chloride. Their findings showed that lithium extended the lives of fruit flies by as much as 16 per cent – providing hope that this could do the same for humans.

If you want to keep your brain healthy and potentially live longer, adding Lithium Orotate into your daily supplement routine could be to your mental and emotional benefit.

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