I was thrilled to see my SERRANOL® formulation featured in the latest Health Sciences Institute magazine (Aug 2011) as a noteworthy formulation! No other supplement offers Serrapeptase, Curcumin, Ecklonia Cava Extract & Vitamin D3 in one capsule! Health Sciences Institute (HSI) is an independent organization, dedicated to uncovering and researching the most urgent advances in modern underground medicine.

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Health      Sciences      Institute

For those of you who missed this previously here is a quick overview…

Serranol® helps promote better well-being for your inflammatory system and supports: brain, joint, lung and bronchial health and many more. This fabulous new formula provides a daily balanced dose of 240,000iu Serrapeptase**, 750mg of CurcuminX4000™** (from Meriva® Curcuma longa extract – 5x better absorbed than Curcumin 95%), 150mg of Ecklonia Cava Seaweed extract** (Unlike most other Ecklonia Cava Extracts this is 98% pure, not 13%!) and 3000IU of Vitamin D3** (the super ‘sunshine’ vitamin) all in veggie capsules for the best absorption. This combination is the most powerful formula available for lung and autoimmune health problems and better than just Serrapeptase alone.

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New UNIQUE of Serrapeptase + Curcumin,+ Vitamin D3 + Ecklonia Cava

RECAP: Serranol x90 (veg) caps

The newest super nutrient formula that is promising to be a major nutritional breakthrough. This unique formulation combines the best known anti-inflammatory ingredients Serrapeptase and Curcuminx4000™ (from Meriva® Curcuma longa extract) with the amazing effects of Ecklonia Cava and the immune boosting power of Vitamin D3. Together these super nutrients provide professional strength support for healthy lungs, joints, bones, brain, cells, heart, blood flow, circulation, cholesterol + much more.

*Oxysorb is a powerful sublingual liquid enzyme extracted from deep water Norwegian seaweed. This seaweed has to produce oxygen from CO2 in low temperatures and virtual darkness. Oxysorb, when under the tongue may help the body’s ability to absorb more oxygen and allow more oxygen to enter the bloodstream with each breath.

* * This amount is based off the serving recommendation of 1 x 3 capsules daily.