Earlier this year, Britain’s Jamie Oliver was awarded the prestigious Ted Prize of $100,000 for social projects and a ‘wish’ that the TED community pledges to help make come true.

Jamie used his acceptance speech to attack the global food giants for profiting without ever investing significantly in measures to tackle the world’s most deadly health crisis– obesity. He demonstrated that American children are condemned to a 10 year shorter lifespan than their parents, and cited the size of food portions, laxness of food labeling, and fast foods as major culprits in the obesity epidemic.

Jamie’s Ted wish was “…that millions more people will learn, as so many have already, that it is a happier, healthier life that is built around eating good food together with family and friends.”

Jamie has created the Home Cooking Skills course for UK secondary schools and colleges. And there’s plenty we can do too. For example, asking your children’s school to help form a parents group to get together and work out how to instigate a cookery course through school. Aside from this, you may also set up a joint web blog for your schools and community and seek menus, recipes, sources of good value fresh foods, and post news items.

You can also go to www.ReallyHealthyFoods.com to get helpful information from really healthy kids.