Inflammation can be triggered on a low-level within the body by wearing uncomfortable shoes like high heels and this can raise the risk of developing cancer according to research by a Professor of Medicine at the University of Southern California.

This may come as a surprise to many people as high heels are not usually on the same list as smoking and obesity when it comes to a developed risk of cancer.

The argument put forward by Professor David Agus MD is that wearing uncomfortable shoes causes pain and this triggers inflammation within the feet and ankles. Therefore wearing high heels on a daily basis can have “significant ramifications”.

The cancer is often caused by damaged or faulty genes within the DNA, although anything that can damage DNA or the body’s natural ability to repair itself increases the risk that the person will develop cancer.

Chronic inflammation may cause the body’s efforts to focus on relieving the inflammation and this can upset the body’s ability to repair its DNA. It’s not just foot pain however as the researchers suggest that any pain in the body causing inflammation will raise the risk of developing cancer and other kinds of chronic illnesses.

Other researchers from California’s Memorial Care Center Institute at Orange Coast Memorial Center have found that inflammation can probably contribute to the risk of various types of cancers. When the inflammation is not controlled by the body, it can have negative influences on the body’s health and this applies to both the risk of cancer and chronic medical diseases.

It was also explained however that while high heels can raise the risk of cancer developing, anything that causes enough pain can eventually do this, including very tight jeans.

How to Reduce Cancer Risk

The best way to reduce the risk of cancer is to eat an anti-inflammatory diet and this includes plenty of green leafy vegetables, dark skinned berries and it’s also advisable to avoid starchy carbohydrates. It’s also highly recommended to avoid doing any prolonged activities that are uncomfortable for the body. The researchers suggest it is best to listen to your body at all times and if you want to wear high heels that’s fine but to do so only once in a while, instead choosing to wear comfortable shoes as much as possible. Follow the dedicated Cancer plans here for best results.

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