Health News (Week 32- 2016)
By Robert Redfern

Of course all minerals are magic as the whole universe is made out of just 115 minerals (elements to give them their proper name). When I make the statement in conversation that there is nothing else in the universe except these 115 minerals and that the whole of creation consists of nothing else, many people go quiet on me. It seems as though they are thinking about how they can tell me I am wrong. Some people change the subject as it is beyond their comprehension.

I am fascinated by this concept that the whole of the universe is made of these magic minerals and especially that these minerals are critical for human, animal and plant health. The plants digest them as mineral salts from the soil and convert them into organic colloidal minerals and we eat the plants (or we eat the animals that ate the plants) to obtain these minerals. It is essential for health that we get these minerals one way or another.

Last week I wrote about HealthPoint BioElectric and how our cells become healthy and regenerate when stimulated using a bioelectric frequency. Normally (and naturally) this BioElectricity is created by consuming a full spectrum of minerals. One of the major causes of ill-health is lack of these minerals in the diet which are also critical for hundreds of enzymatic actions as well as co-factors with vitamins and other minerals.

This lack is caused by:

  • Eating processed foods.
  • Over-farming of the soils.
  • Natural leeching from rain, washing them into the rivers and seas.
  • Lack of microbes in the soil.
  • Not eating enough organic vegetables and seaweeds.

Supplementing with minerals is possible but it is important that we get the organic colloidal minerals in the form that are found in plants.

My Favourite Magic Mineral…

Magnesium is implicated in just about every function of health in the human body and the bad news is that nearly everyone is deficient in it.

I recommend Ancient Magnesium Oils (Colloidal Magnesium) Minerals.

For my readers who have already read about Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil, I want to report on the latest formulation combining Magnesium Oil and OptiMSM, which was introduced over the past year (search for all of my articles).

I (like most people) was naturally deficient in the critical mineral magnesium. My problems included cramps, athlete’s foot, a rash around my ankles in the winter and aching tensed muscles (especially the neck), all symptoms of a deficiency.

As a recap, Magnesium has multiple health benefits including: supporting heart conditions (such as AFIB), reducing tiredness and fatigue, normal muscle function, more energy, normal functioning of your nervous system, maintaining normal bones and teeth, helping the problems I had and many, many more…I could go on forever!

I raved over the ORIGINAL Magnesium Oil (still available) but it was so powerful it did have a little sting and some had to wash it off after 30 minutes or dilute it (some complained!). Do not be put off…all is solved with the Oil ULTRA.

The ‘ULTRA’ range contains a patented form of MSM (OptiMSM) that has been shown in published studies to dramatically improve the absorption of anything it is mixed with. It also substantially improves the absorption of Magnesium Oil. OptiMSM already has a large range of studies in its own right including: joints, liver, healthy skin and immune health. I believe it improves the usefulness of Magnesium Oil by up to 400% and it does not sting!

I still use the Oil ULTRA daily on my legs, neck and chest muscles (chest muscles for my heart valve recovery plan, for which magnesium is essential) and I have also started to use the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion ULTRA on my face as part of my recent plan to keep and improve my skin’s youthfulness. This is a little lighter in magnesium than the Oil.

Finally in the ULTRA range are the Bath Flakes, which are good for your personal spa time, especially for bathing children with emotional problems and for elderly people with lower leg/feet problems. Using this in one of the foot-bath spas is a perfect and easy way to get magnesium and MSM into the lower limbs. Poor circulation and lack of magnesium is the cause of many foot and lower limb problems.

Last time I said, “I often get asked which is best!” Now I can say I believe any from the ‘ULTRA range’. They are all great and all have specific benefits.

Go get your magnesium!2016-32-01

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There is no substitute for magnesium and I am happy to share the often used quote that:
“You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”