Health News (Week 43 – 2019)
By Robert Redfern

I am updating this article from six years ago, not because anything has changed, but simply because I cannot say it too many times. Every day, 24/7/365, I get emails asking for help for a great range of conditions from readers who are not getting results with the medical system. Either the medical treatment has not worked or, as my readers know already, the medical system does not address the real problem and its causes.

In the news this month, for many reasons, is cancer. I think it’s because the medical/pharma industry considers this an ideal time to ask for more money. These requests create an image in my mind of a billionaire asking for a tax handout so as not to spend its billions.

My take is charity begins at home, and we need to look after ourselves and our families first. We should be investing in health care and not giving more to the ‘billionaire’ medical/pharma mafia for disease care later.

For Clarity, I only offer Health Care

Many people initially contact me, asking for a simple magic bullet to alleviate their symptoms. A doctor will say that Diabetes or Blocked Arteries are diseases. I say that most disease symptoms are lack of health care. Very few will disagree with me when this is pointed out. The challenge comes when they have to break the habit of unhealthy living and adopt the appropriate practices for healthy living.

Examples Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart and cardio diseases are common requests, and that includes heart, arterial, stroke recovery, diseased valves, carotid arteries and many more. Combined, these are the common cause of premature death in many western countries. It is not surprising, therefore that I get many daily emails. These emails fall into three types:

  • Those who have been diagnosed and ask for my plan before getting medical treatment.
  • Those who have had some medical treatment and want to clear up the problem before they have another event.
  • Lastly, those who see their friends and relatives dropping dead and ask what can they do to prevent such an event happening to themselves.

There are a few who get the plan from me and then go and ask their doctors if it’s OK to have both treatments. Most doctors say no, and some more prudent doctors say yes. Some of these more prudent doctors have integrated proper lifestyle advice combined with their medical treatment, and some lucky people live their full lifespan after their doctor’s treatments.

I get lots of readers do come back and tell me their scans now show their heart disease symptom is completely cleared. I cannot know the results for everyone, and I cannot know if everyone stays on the program in my books. I am convinced by the feedback I get that those who remain on the plan are healthier.


Cancer kills fewer people than heart and cardio diseases. Its death rate, however, is increasing. I believe it is due to the failure of the medical business to:

  • Address and educate the masses about the causes.
  • A failure to find a cure for any of the primary cancers over the last 100 years.

Since many diseases will be dealt with by the body’s immune system, it is safe to assume the medical business does not stop the death of the majority of people with cancer (unlike many of the treatments by doctors for heart or cardio disease).

The strange thing about cancer is that although it does not kill as many people as heart or cardio disease, most people only ask for my help after they have started cancer treatment and worse of all when they have been told to go home and wait for death. I haven’t much respect for the medical system as a whole. I am especially furious at the cancer business model that refuses to recognize the likely causes of cancer. They welcome expensive drug solutions but fail to use the billions received to educate the masses of the lifestyle change that will prevent disease.

As you will know if you read my letters, the causes of most disease is the diet and lack of critical minerals in that food. I have created a little article here to help you understand. Apologies if it is a little wordy but it is put more simply in my eBook.

Cancer: Sugar is a Cause?

What is a cancer tumour and what is a cancer cell (as opposed to a healthy cell)?

All healthy cells in our bodies use an aerobic process for energy to survive. This process uses 80% oxygen to burn 20% fats (or sugars). Fats are preferable, and in that order. Sugar is the least healthy and it also has addictive qualities that soon lead to amounts in excess of the required 20%. It can also cause damage to arteries, organs and cells.

To avoid any damage in the bloodstream, a hormone called insulin pumps extra sugar into the cells. This is dangerous as excess sugar in the cells leads to many kinds of diseases such as cancers.

Cancer Cells

Cancer cells have either lost their ability to carry out the aerobic process or by design, must use an anaerobic metabolic pathway, which uses very little oxygen instead. This anaerobic process is called “glycolysis”. Glycolysis involves the fermentation of glucose in an environment that is devoid of oxygen.

This fermentation process produces the same energy packets of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) that the aerobic process produces in healthy cells, but the fermentation process is much less efficient. In effect, this inefficient pathway for energy metabolism yields only 2 moles of ATP energy per mole of glucose, compared to 38 moles of ATP in the complete aerobic oxidation of glucose.

This characteristic makes them different from normal healthy cells in the body, which use oxygen as their primary method of producing energy for themselves. This means that, although cancer cells are prolific at reproducing, they barely make enough energy to sustain themselves.

What is A Tumour?

Cancer cells are prolific at reproducing themselves to create a tumour. When cancer cells are disturbed they can spread throughout the body but they barely make enough energy to sustain and to protect themselves from the hunter killer macrophages (Immune System) in the bloodstream, unless the immune system is weakened by too much sugar.

It is not proven why cancer cells create tumors and there are various theories as to why this happens. The current one that is subject to the most research and makes the most sense is that tumours are trying to protect us from an infection or a toxin.

Some claim it is a virus, a part of the herpes family and others say it is a bacteria. Whatever the cause of the tumour, the solution has to include a very low sugar diet such as the ketogenic diet, which starves the tumour. Though physicians are not taught in medical school to tell their cancer patients to avoid sugar, proper nutrition and a zero-sugar diet play a big part in cancer recovery.

cience based medicine has known for a long time that cancer cells thrive on sugar and that this is the most accurate detection method for tumors. This is evidenced by how PET scans work for cancer. PET scans involve the injection of a mildly radioactive sugar solution. After the solution has been injected, a scan is performed to see which cells of the body highlight radioactivity the most.

Since cancer cells gobble up sugar about 15 to 17 times faster than normal healthy cells, any active cancer cells in the body will be highlighted like a beacon on the PET scan, before normal healthy cells have a chance to take up the sugar solution.

Tumours have a protection mechanism by creating a coating which stops the normal activity of the enzymes in the bloodstream from recognizing them as un-natural cells and breaking them down.

In conclusion:

  1. A Ketogenic (alkaline) diet is essential. Search Ketogenic diet recipes at
  2. Drinking 6 glasses of water over the day with a 1/3rd teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate of soda in each glass (new study just released)
  3. 1st Line Immune support is helpful to strengthen the immune protection.
  4. Additional enzymes are needed to dissolve the tumour’s protective coating, enabling the body’s own macrophages to recognize and break the cells down into harmless basic amino acids.
  5. Curcumin supplements will help clear the cancer cells and also help to deal with any infection.
  6. A colloidal iodine supplement is needed to support the immune system.
  7. Probiotic with soil-based organism strains is needed to support the digestive immune system and to restore the flora balance.
  8. Take liposomal Vitamin C to compensate for lack of C in the average diet
  9. A complex supplement that includes selenium is needed to help create glutathione and activate the iodine.
  10. Restore all B Vitamins
  11. Take COQ10 to aid healthy cell regeneration.

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Heart disease or Cancer does not happen overnight, they take years of following an inappropriate lifestyle to achieve and will take a dedicated plan to clear them.