Health News (Week 04 – 2019
By Robert Redfern

Firstly, I am pleased to announce that Issue 36 of my magazine is now available for download as well as a discount code for use throughout the rest of the year from Good Health Naturally.

My ‘Robert’s Rant’ is particularly important which you can find on Page 30 and I believe it should be a spur to get healthy and keep away from doctors’ drug treatments.

Enjoy and leave your feedback at

Most days I get Good News from readers’ feedback who have followed my plans and recover their health. This week I am getting daily feedback for Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s from very happy people who are recovering from these nasty conditions as well as those who have been caring for them. They show how critical the diet change is to recovering from such difficult conditions. I wish it was as easy as popping supplements but it is not true. No matter what you read, the diet is equally as critical as essential missing nutrients.

On the same Good News Note, I trust you will enjoy reading my Latest Magazine.

Download it by simply click on the magazine image and to use your 10% discount code HEALTHIER19 at checkout, click on any of the products in your magazine or go to your store.

I hope you enjoy the read and find the information useful for your health.
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