Health News (Week 43 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

It’s that Halloween time of the year, again. For those in the parts of the world that have not been infected by Halloween, it is when children (and some grown ups) dress up in a style that is supposed to represent the living dead, monsters or ghosts if you will.

The children walk around the neighbourhood asking for sugar ‘treats’ (as if they didn’t get enough every day). It is normally fairly innocuous but it can get out of hand with threats of ‘tricks’ (some harmful). It really gets out of hand by teenagers and even older young people who sometimes take the ‘tricks’ to extreme.

Where Did It Start?

It started in Europe over two thousand years ago with pagan festivals where they would light bonfires to ward off ghosts as the dark winter nights set in. Yes, even the hardy early warriors believed in ghosts. It was picked up by the Catholic religion and integrated into their festivals (as was most pagan festivals). The name they gave it was All Hallows and other names included All Hallows Eve, All Saints Eve and eventually it became Halloween in many countries. In Spain and many other Latin Catholic countries, they still light the bonfires and visit the cemeteries of their ancestors.

Why Did It Start?

The darkness of night and winter is a dangerous time when bad people have always taken advantage of this to steal or attack others. To make a safety point on children, a story of ghosts, ghouls and bad people was drilled into them to the point that even when they became adults – they still believed in ghosts and ghouls.

I guess it didn’t take long before those who want to control other adults formalized these fears and history shows that leaders have always terrorized their groups to make them do what the leaders wanted them to do. I personally do not believe in ghosts or hell. I don’t do bad things, not because I am afraid of going to hell, but I get more pleasure in doing good things.

Still Happening Today?

Even more so, our ‘leaders’ and ‘experts’ have perfected terrorizing the people to believe they are in peril if they don’t do like these ‘leaders’ and ‘experts’ say. Sometimes they tell the truth but mostly they don’t. As an example, I am typing this and listening to reports of what may be a staged false flag attack using pipe bombs on Democrats in the USA. I am not convinced and it could be this is just another Globalist staged terror plot to alter the outcome of the upcoming election. Even if they find the person who may have done it, they are clever at taking feeble minded people to brainwash them into the act of terror.

A common reason to terrorise the population is to take away the civil rights of that population. Mostly, they don’t tell the real truth and in the case of the Medical Mafia, they never tell the truth.

Unlike the ghost stories which are used (inappropriately in my opinion) to help keep children safe, the Medical Mafia continually terrorise the population simply to profit from the ill health that results from these lifestyle choices. Just like other criminal mafia groups, they work simply for profit and they only make the profit from sick unhealthy people.

What Lies Do They Use To Terrorize Us?

In my opinion, nearly everything they say is designed to keep you profitably sick, but a few of their lies are:

  1. The Medical Mafia Claim They Offer Health Care. This is a lie. They simply offer disease management. Health care is stopping the causes of disease and then following a really healthy food plan, supplementing missing essential nutrients, walking, muscle building and other lifestyle changes to ensure you stay strong and healthy at any age.
  2. A ‘Balanced Diet’ Will Help Keep You Healthy. This makes sure you include foods such as sugar, grains and cereals as well as processed foods as a large part of your diet when it is clear they are a large part of the causes of disease. This is proven when a person changes to a vegan ketogenic food plan and their diseases start to disappear. A balanced diet has side effects.
  3. Statin Drugs Will Prevent Disease. Very few independent doctors and researchers still believe this fraud. High cholesterol is a warning and not a disease. Simply lowering cholesterol is the same as sticking a plaster over a red warning light. The problem still exists and statins simply cover them up by artificially lowering cholesterol. They have serious side effects.
  4. Homocysteine Is Not a Measure of Disease. Many doctors advise this is not needed and many will simply refuse to authorise it. Homocysteine is an accurate measure of disease and by taking a B Complex and with a really healthy diet this will soon return it to a healthy 6. A measure higher than 8 or 9 needs this immediate attention. If you did this you would avoid many diseases and devastate the profits of the drug industry.
  5. Aches and Pains Are Natural in Old Age. Of course, they make a fortune from the drugs and surgery to help these but the truth is they are mainly caused by poor diet, lack of nutrients and lack of muscle building as we age. This is shown when these cases are dealt with and they go away. To regenerate the advanced damage to joints you can have various treatments such as PRP but you will have to pay. There are other stem cell treatments around the corner but they are expensive.
  6. Diabetes, Lung Problems, Heart Problems, Brain Problems, Macular Degeneration, Infertility and Most Auto-Immune Conditions are Diseases and Need Pharma Drugs. This is simply not true, no more than hitting your knee with a hammer and claiming that is a disease. If you have a poor diet and lifestyle these diseases will manifest where you are weakest. I know we want to claim we have a good lifestyle but that is only compared to the normal lifestyle of others around us. If you compare to a really healthy food, supplementation and lifestyle you will find your disease will start to clear up. It almost never fails.

It’s Treat or Trick Time.

Stop being tricked by the medical mafia (and yourself). Its time to treat yourself (not indulge your body) and clear all of the health problems whatever your age. Follow one of the really healthy plans in my eBooks for 6 months and be ready to be amazed by how great you can feel, both mentally and physically.


It’s really fun once you treat yourself and start feeling great, but not much fun ending up in a care home if you keep being tricked. A nursing home is now over 1,000,000 for the average person. Either you pay it or your children and grandchildren pay it in taxes.