Health News (Week 27 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

For those of you who are American, I want to wish you a very happy Independence Day for yesterday! I am all for Independence. Personally, I believe the USA should have a Benjamin Rush Day. Rush was a Founding Father, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and George Washington’s personal century physician. He was a friend of Thomas Jefferson (who is often quoted from letters to Rush), authored one of the first major essays against slavery in the Colonies (in 1773), and is considered by some to be the “Father of American Psychiatry”.

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.”

Benjamin Rush

Leaving politics and the Deep State Military Complex aside, my goal is to focus support on helping populations of the world to celebrate their independence from the Medical Mafia. The Medical Mafia all over the world are working with bought and paid for politicians to get you hooked on their drugs – making it mandatory to have vaccinations from birth until death. Let’s be clear: They don’t actually want you to die as they lose an income stream. They are happy for you to suffer so they can keep you hooked on drugs with the help of the FDA.

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat [The FDA?] and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny.”

Thomas Jefferson

The governments of the world are deciding what foods you eat and most definitely deciding (even making draconian laws) about which drugs you take.

Are you Independent from:

Sugar and Carbs?

The governments and food companies are absolutely aware that sugar and carbs and sugary drinks are addictive and may even dull the brain. I cannot think of another better way of creating an unhealthy population who have to turn to the Medical Mafia and become drug-dependent than high-sugar foods. Sugar indirectly deactivates the immune system and feeds unhealthy bacteria and fungus/yeast in the body. This leads to every disease, including: Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s and Lung diseases – the biggest killers of the western world. To be clear, you have to be very lucky to die of old age.

Processed Foods?

Strange as it may seem, people are addicted to processed (or as I call it, junk) food. Processed foods are not really foods as they are enzymatically dead and nutrient-deficient. Of course, there are explanations. One is that humans are creatures of habit, and once we do something enough times, we will become addicted to it. On top of this are the high levels of junk sodium (salt with all of the good salts taken out) and other additives… all known to be highly addictive. I have never understood why really healthy foods are not as addictive?!


My independence from tobacco came when I reached the age of 40. It happened seconds after I took a phone call from my wife Anne to tell me my 62-year-old mother had died. My mother died of lung disease, but she was still smoking until the day she died. After the phone call, the slavery to smoking suddenly disappeared, and I became independent. If you smoke, don’t wait until something upsets you to trigger your decision… instead, become addicted to the desire for independence.

Pharmaceutical Drugs (or narcotics)?

I don’t know if there is an increase in the number of people waking up to drugs not getting you healthy… but it feels like that to me. It is not an educational factor, but if I had to guess, it seems to me that the university-educated classes tend to believe in doctors and the Pharma drug system a little more than the rest of the population. It may be because, like them, doctors went to university, and if doctors are wrong, then they may doubt themselves. To be clear, there are many reasons why people decide to become independent… and waking up, as I did after the phone call, is the real reason. Have you had a wake-up call? It may be Independence calling.

Peer Pressure?

This is one of the hardest challenges for those wanting to become independent. Your friends and relatives, unless they are all of a similar mind, will display subtle or even outright opposition to your Independence. There are many reasons for this, but I believe it is because they don’t want to believe that they are a slave to these organisations. That, if you become Independent, they may lose you from the peer group and worse… you will become healthy and drug-free, inadvertently exposing that they were wrong and still a slave.

A Real Independence Day

I hope you, the Americans, enjoyed celebration of independence from the British, but like Bush and Jefferson, I want you to experience real Health Independence. We Europeans have our own battles against Pharma slavery. We can be free: This just needs a wake-up call and a “Declaration of Health Independence”.

Me and the Health Coaches are here all of the time and can support your plan for health independence. The eBooks can be downloaded to give you all of the help you need, and every condition and recovery plan can be found at


Time is not on our side. I waited until age 40, and at 72, I have had awesome results, but I was born in the days when food was rationed, and we could only get fresh, locally grown foods that still had a good nutritional content. The challenge now is that junk foods and drinks are rampant, and anyone under 40 now will be weaker and need to claim their independence as soon as possible.