Health News (Week 05 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

No, I didn’t get my spelling wrong (this time at least). It is supposed to be a play on words that link crazy psychiatric treatments (as shown in the film, ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’), with more news about Flu and the fake names given to the variations that are supposed to exist. Just in case you have missed the point, I don’t believe the whole Flu story, including the story that you catch it and that vaccinations will protect you from the Flu.

Just to put things straight, the older I get, the more I lose confidence in any experts except Aeronautical Engineers. I am flying nearly 30,000 miles over the next six weeks on seven planes, and they do a great job keeping us safe. I cannot say the same for medical doctors, economists, politicians, architects, structural engineers, pharmaceutical researchers, climate scientists, chemical engineers – actually let’s just say I am a sceptic.

The Fake Flu Story

If you search Flu in my news site, you will find dozens of articles going back eight years. I have looked at the studies for every type of Flu after the event, and the post Flu studies all show that the vaccinations not only do not prevent but can cause Flu symptoms.

Swine Flu, Chinese Flu, Australian Flu, Bird Flu, all were supposed to have vaccinations to prevent them and of course the Pharma/Medical ‘mafia’ claimed success…but the real numbers show the claims to be fake.

So Why Are So Many People Sick?

For the past 70 years the Pharma/Medical ‘Mafia’ have been making claims that they can prevent or cure just about anything. They even had ‘friends’ set up fake charities and claimed all they needed was more money (as well as the billions they make in profits).

This money was donated after watching heart-breaking adverts so they could then prevent or cure even the most terrible diseases. Well, they cannot and will not. They always have an excuse, and in the case of the Flu, they claim it is too clever for them, and the clever Flu virus keeps coming back.

The Pharma ‘mafia’ have gone on to kill many millions with their drugs over the past 70 years and while they have been fined many billions by the authorities, that is a ‘drop in the ocean’ compared to the profits and donations they have received.

So What Is The Flu?

The flu is payback time. Readers of my newsletters, articles, books and magazines will tell you that I shout that all disease is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. We don’t get sick because of germs. We get sick because of unhealthy bodies, resulting from poor diets, stress and wrong lifestyles.

Germs and fungus are always present in living bodies and are normally kept in check by the body’s immune system including natural friendly bacteria. If our friendly bacteria are weak, germs and fungus which are both scavengers, grow strong feeding on the sugar in our blood. They especially like blood poisoned by high levels of high sugar foods and drinks.

Add a deficiency of the critical nutrients that make glutathione (our natural defender) such as selenium, as well as a lack of oxygen so the blood cannot generate hydrogen peroxide to clean up the germs…then sickness and, in the worst case, death will follow.

Add air pollution, winter dampness, pharma drugs, over the counter drugs (painkillers), and other chemicals; these all weaken our body’s defences. These causes of diseases were proposed in the 1800s by Antoine Beauchamp.

Why Do Doctors Claim It Is Germs And Viruses That Spread From Person to Person?

What became known as The Germ Theory was proposed by Louis Pasteur in the 1800s, around the same time as Antoine Beauchamp was proposing unhealthy lifestyles were the cause of diseases. Since the pharma industry such as Merck in Germany was already growing, they seized on the germ story to make drug claims for cures.

They saw there was no profit in recommending everyone eat a healthy diet and follow a healthy lifestyle. Merck and others eventually realised they could control the whole medical system by patenting their drugs and creating a Pharma/Medical Cartel.

The only reason Pasteur’s theory was given any credence is so the fake drug industry could grow up around it and sell their fake drugs for the fake theory. Yes, antibiotics may have given you a temporary respite from the consequences of unhealthy bodies (up until now), but they will keep on failing because the degenerating diets and the tissue of people’s bodies are getting worse. Is it too much sugar and too many chemicals in the foods? I am convinced it is.

It is said that Louis Pasteur admitted on his deathbed that Antoine Beauchamp was correct and Pasteur reportedly said “(The microbe (germ) is nothing, the terrain (the body) is everything)”(for a disease-free life)

I follow the theory that a healthy body is everything for a disease-free life. Also that a carbohydrate and sugar-free life, and following the correct nutrition is the path to a healthier, stronger, immune system.

Be Aware

Flu can indeed be deadly, such deaths are usually the result of secondary infections, not the flu itself. Research shows a link between Flu and severe sepsis (blood poisoning). If you are a very unhealthy person be aware of the symptoms of sepsis and if in doubt go to hospital.

Use of Liposomal Vitamin C is recommended for all serious health problems and so always keep a bottle or two on hand or in the fridge if opened.

If you are already following my previous recommendations of a 10,000iu minimum Vitamin D daily supplement, studies show you will dramatically reduce your risk of respiratory infections as well as helping to keep your immune system strong.

How To Get A Healthy Body For A Disease-Free Life

  1. Follow a full daily exercise program including walking and exercises.
  2. Sit down for less than 3 hours per day, so stand or walk or even lay down if you need to rest.
  3. Take the very minimum of 130 important vitamins and minerals in Active Life which can and do help prevent many diseases. You still need Magnesium Oil and Iodine supplements as well.
  4. Drink at least 6 x 500ml of pure water with a pinch of bicarbonate soda in each glass.
  5. Eat a healthy diet, high in green vegetables, dark skinned fruits, nuts, seeds, seaweeds and fats.
  6. Stop eating unhealthy foods such as grains, cereals, processed foods, sugary foods and drinks, processed junk: meats, eggs and farmed fish that are all fed on GMO soya/cereals.
  7. Detoxing on a regular basis to clear some of the toxins and chemicals that are permeating modern life is essential.
  8. Include Rock Salt in your diet. Rock salt is created in ancient sea beds and has more minerals than modern salt offerings. You need at least 3 teaspoons per day and more in hot sweaty weather.
  9. Build determination to stick with the plan and stop listening to the failed Pharma medical system.

Active Life

has 180 capsules containing 130 vitamins and minerals and will last for 6 months for a child and up to 3 months for an adult depending upon need.
It is the most complete multi-vitamin and has the lowest cost of any comparable multi available.

Magnesium Oil ULTRA

has the highest absorbency of any topical magnesium and can be applied anywhere on the body for the fastest effect including: chest, legs, feet, lower back, neck and head. Magnesium like water and oxygen cannot be stored and is needed daily.

Nascent Iodine

is the closest to the natural organic iodine found in kelp or Kombu seaweeds. Since it is delivered in tiny drops it can be accurately delivered to the smallest child and all adults to deliver up to the amount consumed by the longest living peoples on earth – The People of Okinawa who consume on average 2-2,500mcg in their diet every day.


All diseases are caused by incorrect foods, lack of nutrients and not walking enough. Start today to correct these and move towards Good Health.