Health News (Week 33 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

Good news on the Alzheimer’s study we are conducting. Fifteen people have signed up and given us their trust to help them make some lifestyle changes and take my recommended supplement plan. They are all getting ready to start and the goal next week is to get everyone moving in the right direction.

As I have said many times, the causes of disease are the lifestyle and nutritional deficiencies and once all bases are covered, you will start to recover. The only thing missing is HyperCognition (see below) and willpower.

I’m working like crazy to get the September issue of Naturally Health News Magazine ready and truthfully, I am behind. One of the reasons is I am always scouring the media for health news and in this newsletter, I am going to share some snippets of what I found.

Here are a few:


I read in the Scientific American Magazine that people are divided up into those that can understand new things quickly and those who don’t. This has nothing to do with intelligence* as I have directly suggested in my other newsletters…as university educated people may have a problem accepting different facts that conflict with their speciality.

Those that have a good ability to grasp and analyse new things have HyperCognitive function and those that don’t have a HypoCognitive function.

*My definition of real intelligence is a person’s ability to understand cause and effect and act appropriately. This I believe is being HyperCognitive.

HypoCognition, is a term introduced by anthropologist Robert Levy, meaning the lack of an understanding for an object, category, idea, or causes and effect.

I believe those in the medical profession are mainly HypoCognitive because they lack a cognitive representation of health. They deny the detailed lifestyle causes of disease and recovery by using lifestyle.

Take the example in my last newsletter of how they let thousands die rather than use the proven cure of Vitamin C IV. They also arrogantly dismiss it when patients’ families ask for it.

Those who are HypoCognitive cannot understand that they are, as simply, they have greater difficulty understanding cause and effect. Both Hypo and Hyper-Cognition states are infectious and the more you associate with one group or the other, the more you will try to ‘fit in’. That’s the nature of humans.

When it comes to good health it may be that a level of trust is needed and those that trust me with their health have my thanks.

What Your Doctor Cannot Tell You But Your Pharmacist Can.

Taking medications will create and cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This side-effect of medication is unlikely to get a mention from doctors simply because they don’t get training for it.

Pharmacists do know about this as it is part of their undergraduate training. This is particularly bad when patients are on two or three drugs and have a similar mode of action, which more and more elderly people are.

Indigestion Drugs, Statins, Contraceptive Pills, Heart Drugs, Diabetes Drugs, Steroids, Antibiotics and Asthma Drugs leave you even more deficient in vitamins, minerals, Coenzyme Q10 and Probiotics. That’s why once you start on drugs, it’s possibly a downward spiral.

The moral of this story is you need to supplement before you are on medication because of deficiencies in the foods. You also need to take more when you are taking medications.

A new study on aspirin has contradictory results, finding both increased and decreased risks.

Based on research that was presented at the American College of Cardiology‘s 67th Annual Scientific Session, individuals who have both Type 2 diabetes and heart failure, and take an aspirin daily, seem to have a lower risk of dying or being hospitalized for heart failure.

But…surprisingly enough, the data also showed that the intake of aspirin can also increase the risk of non-fatal heart attack or stroke.

I am constantly asked whether it is safe to take BlockBuster, Serranol or SerraEnzyme with aspirin prescribed by the doctor. My answer is always the same.

Aspirin is a drug that acts as an anti-inflammatory on the body and bloodstream. However, it has no health-giving properties and may also as indicated above, have side effects.

Enzyme formulas also act as an anti-inflammatory and with a healthy lifestyle plan, have zero side effects. I cannot tell you to not take aspirin but I would never take it as I already take enzyme formulas and will do for the rest of my life.

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Nutritional supplements are not optional if you want good health and the longer intensive farming goes on, the more we will need to supplement.