Health News (Week 36 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

For nearly two years I have been asking the developers of the Good Health websites to have a system in place where customers who follow the good health plans and share them with others can be rewarded. I was told that the websites needed to be upgraded to the latest technology for this to happen. Well, at long last, it has arrived.

Good Health Rewards

This is a particularly exciting announcement from Good Health Naturally. As you may know, Good Health Naturally Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to delivering the most effective nutritional supplements to my formulations, based upon independent research. All of my nutritional formulations work and are listed in all of my eBooks which you can find here: FREE HEALTH BOOKS.

Good Health Stores Finance:

  • All of my Health Books.
  • Good Health Coaching.
  • People who need extra help are financed by Good Health Naturally and especially with the FREE MAGAZINE – the latest is now available for download here.

How Rewards Work

The rewards make your Good Health Plan more economical for everyone. The program rewards those on a plan to make future purchases easier.

You are rewarded initially:

    1. Every time you make a purchase of Good Health Naturally products.
    2. Every time you share with friends and family who join the Good Health Naturally family (and they get rewarded for joining, so they can use this on their first order).
    3. Every time you share the Good Health Naturally website on Facebook.
    4. There are more rewards to come soon.

Read more about it and claim your GHR £/$100 Reward Here


My formulations are never beaten on quality and certainly never on value. The value of Good Health Products is because they work and the support you get to help you reach you and your family’s health goals. No other company offers this value.