Health News (Week 33- 2016)
By Robert Redfern

I think I must have written a dozen articles over the past 10 years on statins (search statins at

As well as articles I have answered possibly thousands of emails over the same period from concerned readers about whether to start or to stop taking statins.

They Still Don’t Work

I have just been reading an ‘independent’ compilation into all of the adverse effects of statins published just days ago…the number of which is over 300. These adverse effects are extracted from the official biomedical literature and show they still don’t work and the adverse effects are increasing…

As usual your GP or Doctor if they are brave will advise you to do what I advise to solve unhealthy blood numbers. The majority of doctors simply do what their drug lord masters tell them to do. It may be they are scared or know no better but that does not help you.

What’s the Alternative?

I am frequently asked, ‘Do I have an alternative suggestion to statins?’ This is because they don’t want to start them or usually because they have been suffering the side effects of taking these drugs or they have read about the side effects.

Almost everyone will tell me they don’t want to just stop taking them as they have been told by their physician they have to, as they will protect them. They want me to give them an alternative so that they will be safe.

I do what I do to help readers live a longer and healthier life that was denied to my parents. I really don’t want to upset and confuse them, but I have to be honest…

Statins just do not work!

When I say work I mean they will not help you to live longer and they will not help you live healthier. Yes, you read that correctly. Millions of people are taking statins throughout the world and suffering numerous side effects in the hope they will live a longer and healthier life, yet the figures range from 1 out of every 300 to 1 out of every 700, who may live a longer and healthier life. Yes, they do lower cholesterol but since high cholesterol is not a disease, then of course low cholesterol does not equal a longer, healthier life.

Why Do Doctors Prescribe Them?

Why would your well-meaning doctor continue to prescribe drugs that do not work in the sense that the risk/benefits are so small as to be insignificant? It is because they are being brainwashed by the pharma companies with a barrage of false data. But to be fair, they are just ordinary people doing a job. If the ‘instruction manual’ for their job says, ‘prescribe statins’, then they generally prescribe statins. They are also in fear for their job, the same as anyone who is under the control of a system that may take away their livelihood if they do not follow the manual.

Even Doctors Cannot Stop the Madness

The doctors’ associations sometime protest about being coerced into prescribing them. Not long ago in the UK these doctors demanded to see the research data used to pass the statin drugs…but the drug companies simply refused and destroyed the data. Individual cardiologists come out in the media and confirm everything I say, but this soon dies down and it is soon back to business

No Help From Goverments

Even governments are afraid to go against big pharma (or bribed not to go against them). Big pharma are masters at using the media (and the tame charities) to blackmail governments to keep pushing their pharma drugs that just do not work. They deliver sick people to the media to be interviewed, begging for more drugs. What can a government do that depends upon votes?

It’s Not Against the Law to Sell Drugs That Don’t Work and do Harm

Selling/prescribing drugs that do not work is not against the law. When drug companies break the law (which they frequently do) they get fined billions but then carry on selling. It is not against the law because the whole science system is broke. The pharma and food industry may have managed to brainwash (bribe? blackmail?) the whole of the health research business. Why else would they support pharma drugs that do not work?

Why is it not against the law to prescribe drugs that do not work and do harm? I cannot answer this. I guess it is because they fixed the science to state incorrect information such as high cholesterol is a disease.

Nobody Cares For Your Health

Even the bodies (such as the Food & Drug Administration – FDA and MHRA in the UK) who are responsible for putting drugs on the market are quite clear they are only interested in testing that statins lower cholesterol and are not implying you will live a longer and healthier life.

Where Does This Leave You?

I trust you are researching all of the information and are reading this as part of your research. If so then these are the facts as far as the latest science shows:

  • Statins do not work to give you a longer healthier life and have numerous side effects.
  • High cholesterol is not a disease and if anything, it’s your body’s best attempt to protect your arteries from the inflammation caused by eating grains and cereals.
  • High homocysteine is a disease and lowering it will help you to live a longer and healthier life.
  • This inflammation is caused in the main by eating grains and cereals. This includes the so-called ‘healthy’ whole-grains.2016-33-1

How do you live a longer and healthier life? Gain healthy cholesterol? Healthy Homocysteine?

Do any of the above but do something…!

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That is all you have to do unless you have urgently serious health problems, in which case please contact me for a personal plan.

PS. I really meant stop ALL grains and cereals at the very minimum to help you live longer and healthier.