Research is now supporting that CoQ10 can maintain and preserve good bone health.

There are many factors involved with having healthy and strong bones and chief amongst them is the resorption process. This is a process involving a balance between bone formation and bone dissolution.

There are special cells in charge of these processes. Building bones is the realm of osteoblasts, while breaking it down is the area of osteoclasts.

Free radicals play an important role in signalling to osteoclasts to start resorbing bone. They have been shown to signal osteoclasts to start resorbing bone.

It then follows that the antioxidants which mop up free radicals can slow down the osteoclast action and slow the breakdown of bone – which is what this study shows.

CoQ10 was found to neutralise free radicals within the osteoclasts, suppressing signal pathways that turn on resorption and expression of genes that are associated with activated osteoclasts. These activated osteoclast cells were also found to be markedly inhibited.

The results of the study encouraged researchers to look deeper into CoQ10’s mechanisms when coming into contact with osteoblasts and osteoclasts.

This study also confirms COQ10’s effects on the inhibition of free radicals, genes and signaling pathways, along with activated cell formation. Additionally, this studys researchers also showed that CoQ10 activated osteoblasts – the cells in charge of bone formation.

CoQ10’s Antioxidant Benefits For Bone Health

Biomarkers and genetic transcription factors indicate where the bone formation is elevated, along with actual bone formation. The effects in these studies were found to have increased with rising CoQ10 levels.

Antioxidant properties in CoQ10 have been found to be the main facilitators that benefit bone health.

Ubiquinol is the antioxidant form of CoQ10 and along with being better absorbed, is readily available for immediate use when compared with conventional CoQ10.

This means that Ubiquinol is the best application and supplement recommendation for good bone health.

These exciting findings point to the amazing benefits of using CoQ10 for preserving bone health. Not only is CoQ10 an essential element for many daily functions, it also protects the cells from aging…and now the evidence is showing it can do the same for your bones!

For best results, it’s recommended to take Ubiquinol. This has been shown to be up to 8 times better absorbed when compared with ordinary CoQ10.


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