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Category: 2013

Week 51 (2013) – Thank You

Health News (Week 51 – 2013) By Robert Redfern Thank you to everyone who sent greetings and Christmas wishes to me, Anne, and our family. We cannot reply to everyone individually and so please accept this as our sincere...

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Week 49 (2013) – More on Statins

Health News (Week 49 – 2013) By Robert Redfern As expected I had a tremendous mail bag from last weeks newsletter on such an obviously important topic. The emails ranged from anger to puzzlement and also gratitude for...

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Week 48 – They just don’t work

Health News (Week 48 – 2013) By Robert Redfern Not a day goes by without 4-5 questions from readers asking me ‘Do I have an alternative suggestion to statins?’ This is usually because they have been suffering the side...

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