WEEK 39 (2020) – WHAT IS A VIRUS?

Health News (Week 39 – 2020)
By Robert Redfern

What is a virus? It’s a question I’ve been asked time and again, and having just looked back through my newsletters and articles, I’m amazed to say that I’ve never actually answered that all-important question in any of my newsletters to date. Not long ago I published a newsletter called “Con-A-Virus” and I was sure I’d covered it there, but alas, no.

So here goes…

First – The Pharma/Medical Cartel Claim

The claim is that a virus is a non-living organism that can mysteriously fly through the air and contaminate other humans. They also claim there is no cure for this contamination except through drugs/vaccinations.

Let me give a brief history lesson on the Pharma/Medical Cartel.

The first Pharma company was Merck founded about 450 years ago in Germany, best known for selling herbs and potions.

They must have been successful as they have remained in business since, and have racked up quite the sordid history, including a stint using experimental drugs in concentration camps during WWII.

In the mid-1800’s they started selling the first proper drugs based around opiates such as Morphine, Codeine and Cocaine.

This was very successful as these were addictive drugs and patients became hooked on them.

They were so successful they quickly opened a subsidiary in the USA and things started to take off in a big way.

The only problem was that competitors could also sell these drugs and drive the price down.

So, in the early 1900s they petitioned (and no doubt bribed) politicians to allow them to patent these drugs to limit competition and maintain their high prices and profit margins.

They paid Louis Pasteur to write papers discrediting any claims that medical conditions were a cause of an unhealthy lifestyle or lack of nutrition to block any competition from lifestyle change companies/activists. http://www.susandoreydesigns.com/insights/pasteur-recant.html

The Pharma/Medical Cartel did this so they could claim their patented drugs were the only thing that could cure disease. They still do this today, even though they have been fined billions for their fraud and bribery. Clearly, this fraud and bribery continue today considering what is happening with CV.

Two other highly respected scientists Antoine Béchamp and Claude Bernard were researching at the same time as Pasteur.

They claimed it was ‘the terrain’ (unhealthy bodies) that made humans susceptible to disease (in this case called virus).

In effect they said, and I agree, that it is not a wicked virus but a sick body that causes disease (excluding bacteria and fungus).

Of course, since many people who are sick or have died also had the FLU Vacs., it’s possible they were poisoned. I have searched for data references on this since, but it seems to have been well hidden.
Of course, the Pharma/Medical Cartel would have been driven out of business if this was uncovered.

Instead, they supported Pasteur and others to write papers to discredit the terrain theory.

They still do today as they are paying to discredit all of the successful inexpensive CV treatments reported by various doctors.

My main point is that since the Pharma/Cartel are known serious criminals how can you believe anything they say? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_pharmaceutical_settlements

Now the Opposing Explanation of a Virus

What Doctors Cannot Tell You.

First, I have to explain that nearly 60% of your body is made up of virus, bacteria and fungus (microbes).

Yes, you, are only 40% of your body.

This means you should really refer to yourself as ‘we’ instead of ‘me’.

Over millions of years, humans have developed alongside these microbes to become the strong, healthy and intelligent beings we have become today.

However, you require a supply of oxygen as well as the 130 nutrients to keep 100% of your bodies healthy.

If you don’t, that’s when the sickness starts and ‘we’ can become sick. Some of the viruses become toxic and it is likely these are the virus being identified in tests. Then your immune system has to send white blood cells to clean up all of these sick cells. The sicker your body, the more work for the immune system. Lack of oxygen, minerals, vitamins and excess sugar weakens your immune system. Eventually, your body will weaken to the point of premature death. This is what is called death from a sick body.

I am not an expert but I have seen many people at death’s door recover when they have committed and followed the plan in my books. So, I have confidence in saying there is proof that the terrain theory exists as I observe it nearly every day with my team (no drugs involved).


  1. For 25 years I have agreed with Antoine Béchamp and Claude Bernard (even Pasteur reportedly said on his deathbed that Bernard was correct in that) it is the terrain (sick body) that causes disease.
  2. There is no evidence that a foreign virus shows in a test unless it was put there in a previous vaccination.
  3. There is no independent evidence that shows a virus spread in fresh air or by touching any surface from person to person.
  4. There is evidence that those that had FLU Vacs.s are more likely to die than those who do not have the Vacs..
  5. There is no evidence that people with healthy bodies become sick.
  6. It is possible for everyone to get healthy. My experience of impossible cases proves it. Such as a 92-year-old who after 26 hours of bad treatment for his prostate cancer cleared it completely after changing to a really healthy plan. Or another case of a lady who was told by her doctor she would not last for 10 years with her progressive MS, who received the all-clear 11 years later using my really healthy plan. I agree the challenge is sticking to the plan but that does not negate that it is possible for everyone to get healthy.
  7. I have had no faith in the Pharma/Medical Cartel for the last 25 years. Now all I wish for is justice and the hope they end up in jail with the blood of hundreds of thousands on their hands.

The Solution Doesn’t Change

To cure any disease, you have to deal with the causes.

  • Stop eating factory processed foods and drinks
  • Stop eating high sugar foods and drinks (e.g. grains, cereals, sugar drinks, etc)
  • Stop consuming anything that has chemicals contained in them

Common sense says that you need to get better habits to be able to prevent disease and promote good health, these include:

  1. Eating fresh (or frozen) vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, pulses, etc. (organic when possible) plus wild seafood and pasture-raised meat (for non-vegan)
  2. Consuming around 3 litres of pure water over the day (with a small amount of bicarbonate of soda (e.g. ¼ teaspoon) added for extra benefits)
  3. Supplementing the critical nutrients missing from the foods grown on now deficient soils
  4. Walking/standing for more hours than sitting down each day
  5. Breathing correctly all of the time (diaphragmatic breathing whilst standing or laying down)

Yes, there are also numerous herbs/spices/nutrients that can help us back to health and many of them can be found in our daily foods or from supplements.

The point is, there are many things that can be effective, and many things that may or may not be essential, most of which are common sense!

What I’ve learned in the last 30 years is that a passion to achieve good health with a plan usually works (or at least in 99% of all cases).

My Qualification?

30 years of research and practice in obtaining optimum health:

I am passionate and demonstrate being super fit and healthy at every age.

I am passionate about researching the studies that prove the benefits of nutritional and lifestyle changes for good health.

I am passionate about helping and inspiring others to be fit and healthy.

I am passionate about exposing the Pharma/Medical Cartel for the danger they are. They are now becoming more dangerous with their worldwide plan to vaccinate everyone with their dangerous drugs.


If the Pharma/Medical Cartel were the fit and proper people to look after your health, then why is there so much sickness and disease?

Why are they continually fined $/£ Billions for fraud, killing, and seriously harming many more people?

More to the point, ask yourself why are they being allowed to force draconian laws for a virus no more harmful than the Flu?

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