WEEK 48 (2022) – Are You Aware of This ‘Invisible Illness’?

Have you heard about this ‘invisible illness’ that affects over 130,000 people in the UK? There are also over 2.8 million people estimated to live with this condition worldwide.

Symptoms include pain, muscle spasms, stiffness and weakness in the body, fatigue and even vision problems. It can cause problems with thinking and learning and result in emotional health issues, such as depression.

Statistics show it’s 3x more common in women than men; every year, 7000 people are newly diagnosed.

Recent news reports have also highlighted how this painful condition is growing in numbers, with many celebrities speaking out about their current diagnosis. This includes American actresses Selma Blair and Christina Applegate, the latter of whom talked recently about how the disease can be mistaken for everyday aches. [1]

The symptoms can often start minor but escalate quickly. As Christina says, “I started having symptoms in January 2021 — very small, something you could just brush off.” Just four months later, in May 2021: “It was as if I got hit by a truck and didn’t know what was going on.”

Can you guess what this condition is?

We are, of course, talking about Multiple Sclerosis (M.S). A painful condition known as the ‘invisible illness’, it often goes unnoticed because the disease can’t be seen from the outside. It attacks the body silently, and symptoms can go undiagnosed or be dismissed as aches and pains.

The disease is characterised by injury to the myelin sheath, which protects nerve cells by providing coverage for them. When areas of the myelin sheath are damaged, they become inflamed and scarred.

When inflammation and the subsequent scarring result in compromised nerve signals, they either slow down or stop altogether. MS flares up amid inflammation, which disappears when inflammation subsides.

Inflammation is an entirely normal process used by the body to heal itself. When the immune system continually attacks the enemy, it damages the body’s healthy cells, and in the process, problems can occur.

How does an MS attack happen?

When the body’s immune cells are called to attack an infection, acute inflammation is created as part of this attack. Then inflammation becomes chronic and doesn’t switch off.

The body’s immune system is then said to attack itself, but the chronic condition is caused by continually being called on to defend the body, which creates damage.

What causes Multiple Sclerosis?

The exact cause of Multiple Sclerosis is unknown, but the prime reason is thought to be infection, perhaps caused by a virus such as nanobacteria.

Recent research has shown a strong link between intestinal bacteria and several diseases – not just illness of the gut – but also diabetes and arthritis.

New findings from a study published in the scientific journal Cell describe differences between the gut microbiome profiles of 576 people with MS and an equal number of household controls in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Argentina.

The team were able to identify dozens of new bacteria species associated with MS and confirm other species that had previously only been associated with the disease. They were surprised by how much variation there was in the types of bacteria between people with MS and the controls. [2]

This study highlights the importance of having a healthy gut microbiome and its vital role in supporting the innate immune system.

Taking care of your immune system is essential to staying healthy and reducing the chances of MS flare-ups.

Alongside the below recommendations, other lifestyle factors that may provide health benefits include:

  • Relaxation techniques such as acupuncture, massage, exercise, or other chiropractic care
  • Controlled breathing exercises via Tai Chi

Nutrition Recommendations

B – Vitamins
Taking B-Vitamins is beneficial for those with MS. Vitamin B9 and Vitamin B12, in particular, are essential for the myelin sheath and nerve signalling. [3]

Serrapeptase and Curcumin
Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme that can safely dissolve inflammation and unwanted scar tissue. This may help to reduce painful MS flare-ups.

studies have shown that Curcumin can help to reduce inflammation that could modulate cell cycle regulatory proteins, enzymes, cytokines, and other factors in the central nervous system that may cause MS. [4]

Vitamin D3
Scientists have demonstrated a clear link between low Vitamin D and MS. They found that people with naturally low levels of Vitamin D were more likely to develop MS. [5]

Is essential for promoting a healthy immune system and benefiting overall health.

Researchers say that probiotics can improve the gut bacteria in people with multiple sclerosis. This may provide positive changes in the immune system that offer anti-inflammatory results in the body – potentially reducing the incidences and severity of MS symptoms. [6]

Krill Oil
Some evidence suggests that taking Omega-3 fatty acids may help improve heart and brain health and even help to improve multiple sclerosis symptoms. [7]



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