WEEK 23 (2024) – A new addition to the family

I hope this email finds you well and if like me you are in the UK, you are at least enjoying the longer days of Summer despite the sun still not putting in much of an appearance!

I just wanted to share some good news from my life that is now bringing me joy.

On 17th May I went to collect my new companion, and already it feels like I’ve had him much longer. After much deliberation I’ve called him Ronnie. I decided after testing numerous names that it had to be another name beginning with ‘R’, and so it’s Ronnie.

The decision to get a young puppy is not one to be taken lightly by anyone, and at times leading up to when we went to collect him, I had major doubts that I could take on the responsibility. But whenever I doubted myself, I knew that Robert would be right behind me and fully confident that I could do it.

I have always loved dogs with a great passion. I was the kind of child who would get too close to any dog in the street (in 1950’s England, dogs took themselves for walks) and I ended up being bitten more than once!

After having our Irish Setter for 17 years in our early marriage, we didn’t have a dog for a long time, and it became a standing joke between us every birthday and Christmas when I was asked what I wanted, the reply was always, a puppy please! And then finally there was Rafa, and he was a very special one.

So now I am in the position of being on my own at 74 with a young pup. Lots of other people acquire a dog in their 70’s so it’s quite normal, but I have to say it’s amazing how we forget the work involved. Reminiscent of the work involved with a new baby!

Luckily nowadays dogs are so popular that it’s acceptable for us to take them into some coffee shops, restaurants and even clothes shops, so Ronnie will be coming out and about with me most of the time.

We’ve not started any formal training yet, but I fully intend to soon and he is responding to my whistle already. Puppy training classes will be another reason for me to get out and socialise with people as much as for Ronnie.

If you’re wondering what breed he is, he’s a Cockalier Poo, which basically is a Cocker Spaniel, Cavalier Spaniel, Cockapoo mix!

He’s one of the designer breeds that a lot of us love so much, and who years ago would have been classed as a very good looking mongrel. With his parentage I know he’s going to keep me very active, and I’m looking forward to the long walks.

Already I find myself fully committed to, and in love with Ronnie my pup.

Of course, I already have a pot of SerraPet ready for any future ailments or injuries!

Take care and have a good week.

Anne & Ronnie


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