WEEK 04 (2020) – THE NEXT 10 YEARS, STEP 3

Health News (Week 04 – 2020)
By Robert Redfern

I am acutely aware that to achieve good health over the next ten years using all of my super formula products can be beyond the means of many people. To make sure that no one gets left behind I came up with a simple inexpensive nutrient and a plan that everyone can follow.

In the last few weeks, Step 1 and Step 2 covered important topics including Lungs and Heart. This week I wanted to step back to include those on limited budgets with a powerful plan.

Step 3: Why am I telling you now?

It’s not as though I have not mentioned this nutrient before. All of the plans in my books and emails include the nutrient I am now calling the ‘penny cure’. This nutrient is essential, even if you can afford all of the other super formula products I designed, you still need it.

The deficiency of this nutrient is the most unrecognised condition around the world. Since most Emergency Rooms (ER) and intensive care units around the world are giving this nutrient via intravenous delivery (i.v.), and combine with Magnesium. You would think that General Practice doctors would prescribe it. I believe that ER doctors are allowed to try anything to save patient’s lives but the Pharma/Medical Cartel will not allow such inexpensive treatments in General Practice.

Countless diseases are helped by correcting this nutrient deficiency including:

  • Diabetes – Improves function of the pancreas
  • Kidney Disease – Shown in various hospital studies
  • Kidney Stones – Increases urinary pH. and prevents crystallization in renal tubules
  • Osteoporosis – neutralises the calcium being leeched from the bones
  • Gout – Increases blood pH. and prevents crystallization joints
  • Colds and flu – Increases blood pH to disable virus and bacteria
  • Cancer prevention, cure and protection – Increases blood pH and Cancer cells struggle in this pH
  • Chemotherapy – Increases blood pH and protects patient from organ failure during chemotherapy
  • Allergies – Increases blood pH and lowers histamines
  • Radiation poisoning – Increases blood pH and protects from organ failure
  • Gum disease – Increases blood pH to disable bacteria
  • Stroke recovery – Used via i.v. in Emergency Rooms to stabilise patients and of course, for prevention
  • Lung infections – Can be delivered orally and nebulised
  • Asthma – Can be delivered orally and nebulised
  • Heart Disease/Failure – Used in Emergency Rooms to stabilise patients Increases blood pH and protects from organ failure. This nutrient eradicates fungus and yeasts
  • Alzheimer’s/Brain Diseases – Since evidence indicates these may be caused by Fungus/Candida, I expect to hear good news from i.v. delivery

So, what is this wonder nutrient that saves countless lives in Emergency Rooms all over the world?

Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3)
Recognized by most as ordinary baking soda.

Sodium bicarbonate is available and sold all over the world; its widely used in emergency rooms and intensive care wards in injectable forms; it is sold as a common household substance that is used for 500 different things according to all of the books.

Life-threatening asthma in children is often resistant to treatment with bronchodilators and systemic corticosteroids. Recent research suggests that administering sodium bicarbonate — an ingredient commonly found in kitchens as well as Magnesium — in intravenous (IV) form can significantly improve pH and PCO2 in children with life-threatening when nothing else can.

The only other substance about which we can say the same is magnesium chloride, which when injected will save a person during cardiac arrest and pull one out of a stroke if given soon enough.

If you cannot afford my super supplements you can still get super healthy with the penny cure.

It’s a good moment to head this warning:

The main problem with people trying natural plans is they try one or two supplements for a serious disease and fail. This is because they would not follow a comprehensive lifestyle change to a very healthy diet and lifestyle. And, totally commit to doing whatever it takes to defeat their illness.

As well as specific conditions, it is needed by those who have been subject to medical drugs and radiation, those on a high acid diet of meat, dairy, eggs, drinking canned or bottled drinks, following a high protein diet, along with those lacking minerals and not consuming the majority of food as veggies/greens.

When one takes both magnesium chloride combined with sodium bicarbonate, the effects and force of one reinforces the actions and medicinal power of the other as demostrated in emergency room use. Sodium bicarbonate and Magnesium should be in your diet.

This budget plan:

  1. Take 1-2 gram (1/4 teaspoon) or less of sodium bicarbonate in a 500ml glass of water x 6 times per day. 30 mins before and 30 mins after each meal. Add a squeeze of lemon to taste. You can bathe in 1lb (0.5kg) Sodium Bicarbonate in your bath. For a super effect, add a small bag of Ancient Magnesium ULTRA Flakes for a double whammy.
  2. Most people don’t breathe properly see the technique in my ebook.
  3. The food we eat can damage the body, including processed foods, burnt and blackened foods, grain, cereals and other high sugar foods and drinks. Consider bread, pastry, biscuits, breakfast cereals, rice and potatoes as bad for your health.
  4. We are not eating enough fruit and vegetables (up to 10 portions per day is the goal).
  5. We don’t walk enough, especially beneficial uphill walking.
  6. All of the above will eventually leave us open to our lungs being subject to fungal and yeast overgrowth which, in turn, leads to chronic inflammation of the lining of the lungs and eventual degeneration. The answer is sodium bicarbonate.
  7. You can never get enough magnesium from food and the most absorbable way is Magnesium OIL ULTRA massaged into your body in the areas most needed.
  8. Nascent Iodine and Ionic Selenium are critical but difficult to achieve in food.

Magnesium ULTRA Bath Flakes

Magnesium OIL ULTRA

Nascent Iodine

Ionic Selenium

Relaxes the body with all the benefits of Magnesium Flakes and OptiMSM, the world’s purest MSM. Improves deep absorbability into skin and tissues. Promotes healthier looking skin.
All the benefits of Magnesium Original Oil, plus MSM – the world’s purest MSM. Essential for supporting good health and relief for sore muscles, leg cramps, headaches, migraines and various body aches.
Consumable Iodine in its Atomic Form. Provides a huge energy release when consumed. Nascent Iodine is the same iodine recognised by the body and produced by the thyroid.
Liquid Ionic Selenium is a concentrated liquid dietary supplement that can increase antioxidant action and support natural systemic processes. Supports normal thyroid function and immune health.


Read and follow the plan in my eBooks even if you cannot afford everything. The more you do of the things that do not cost money, it will still make a difference and especially SODIUM BICARBONATE.

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