WEEK 01 (2022) – Pharma Rules 2022

Today’s Newsletter

It’s nearly two years since CV ruled my Newsletters. We first heard properly in Week 5 (2020) about CV and I immediately wrote this Newsletter.

I genuinely thought that it was typical for Pharma Lies to sell more drugs in the same way they had been doing for 120 years previously.

It was a guess on my part and I was wrong. They wanted more than money, they wanted to Rule the World.

It is now clear they partnered with: the World Economic Forum, the G7 Governments, and their Security services, all Main Stream Media (MSM), and The Gates Foundation using $billions printed by Central banks and the World Bank to terrorise and enslave everyone with their drugs.

They used the BIG LIE to fool me and the world.

Does this sound like a script for a Netflix series? I think we have all been watching too much TV and are losing the plot.

For New Readers

I’m Robert Redfern, and I am not a doctor, but I consider myself an educator of good health.

Until the age of 40, I wasn’t particularly concerned about health, but then: Thirty-five years ago, my mother died of lung disease at age 62, and shortly afterward, my 64-year-old father died of cancer.

I researched the causes of their deaths in-depth to find out what went wrong.

I soon found evidence that the majority of diseases that people prematurely die from are mainly caused by an unhealthy diet, lack of critical nutrients, and lifestyle (and from the Pharma Drugs).

The Evidence is Clear

The population is divided into two groups. Those that believe that this is a Coup by Pharma and those who still believe there is a genuine threat from CV.

I receive many emails and messages from both groups and I try to help everyone. It is clear there are many people starting to change their minds and starting to distrust the information coming from Pharma and worse still their own Governments and MSM.

When it all started the information was that it was only ‘at risk’ people who needed protection (elderly people and anyone with an existing serious condition). This has always been the same in the winter as the death rate always rose considerably during this period from Flu, Respiratory Conditions, and Heart Diseases.

The cause of these winter deaths according to the evidence I looked at was that they were mainly caused by a lack of Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and other lifestyle/diet factors.

Deaths in 2020 Before Jags

I have analysed the 2020 deaths in previous newsletters and there were no ‘unexplained’ CV excess deaths compared to other years.

There were ‘explained’ excess deaths including:

  1. Closing the wards in hospitals to treatments for cancer, heart, and other respiratory diseases.
  2. Dumping elderly patients into nursing homes without any treatment and giving them end-of-day drugs such as Morphine and Midazolam (bought in huge quantities by Governments BEFORE the CV was heard of).
  3. Refusing to admit those patients in intensive care units (ICU) until they were very ill and then failing to treat them correctly (correctly as successfully demonstrated by many doctors around the world). Then giving them Morphine and Midazolam.
  4. The highest rate of home deaths in history as a result of closing hospitals’ treatments.

Testimonial Evidence Showing The Possible misuse of Morphine and Midazolam (If you have recently lost a loved one or you are of a nervous disposition DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO).

Crimes Against Humanity

In 2021 a ‘supposed ‘experimental drug for CV was rushed out and a campaign was started to inject elderly and at-risk people which soon spread to all adults, then to teens, and now to young children as young as 5. Soon they even plan to inject babies. This is still an experimental drug no matter what misinformation you read in the MSM.

I don’t want to go into the details of why this is all wrong. Here is an interview from Joe Rogan, and Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA vaccine expert and outspoken critic of our pandemic response, who delivered a powerful message to the world. When even the world expert and inventor says it’s all wrong, you have to listen. Yes, it’s three hours long, but it’s worth every minute.

How Will This All End? You will not see this in the Main Stream Media

I don’t think it will end until everyone says no more and that is unlikely as the terrorizing is getting worse every day. The only hope is the International Criminal Court will hear this case but even then these things can take at least a year.

UK Team File Complaint of Crimes Against Humanity With The International Criminal Court

What Can We Do?

Same thing as I recommend every week for the past 22 years which you can read in all of my recovery eBooks which you can Download HERE

Follow the healthy lifestyle plan and take the supplements that keep your immune system strong.

For those who have had the Jag, I recommend they don’t have anymore and follow the recovery plan here: Recovery Plan

There is another treatment for recovery recommendation from the Jag according to Dr. Robert Malone and this is Antibody Infusion Therapy. You may have seen it used by good doctors curing CV but Dr. Malone feels it would also clear out the mRNA spikes. It can only be obtained by private doctors and I am sure will be expensive but if you can afford it, then it will be worth it.

The rest of us need to keep healthy and follow the plan below.

As well as following a detailed nutritional supplement plan, whether preventing or reversing.

Consider solutions such as:

1. Water Fasting – Fasting has been known since records began to be a powerful preventative and treatment for any disease and especially diabetes. Even 1 or 2 days is good but up to one week is a good length of a fast. The most effective fasting involves simply drinking the water as directed in step 2 and taking the salts in step 6 below. Also, take the appropriate missing supplements.

1. Water Fasting – Fasting has been known since records began to be a powerful preventative and treatment for any disease and especially diabetes. Even 1 or 2 days is good but up to one week is a good length of a fast. The most effective fasting involves simply drinking the water as directed in step 2 and taking the salts in step 6 below. Also, take the appropriate missing supplements.

2. Drinking 6 x 500ml glasses of water over the day – with a ¼ teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in each glass. Alternatively use Pure Concentrated Organic Minerals™ Liquid Drops for powerful alkalising support.

3. Stopping all factory processed or unnatural foods, – and factory-made meals.

5. Consuming mainly vegetables, – leafy greens and other salad foods, avocados, mushrooms, dark-skinned fruits, tree nuts, seeds, and legumes. I also have a website dedicated to this with numerous Keto recipes at www.ReallyHealthyFoods.com.

6. Taking 2-3 teaspoons of Himalayan or rock salts daily – in food or divided into your glasses of water.

7. When able to; walking and exercising – can further improve the oxygenation of the blood and you can strengthen the immune response by going out in the sun with as much skin exposed, up until 1 pm. You can exercise lying down as appropriate, e.g. cycling the legs or using weights for the arms.

8. Breathing properly – take every opportunity when lying down to practice diaphragmatic breathing. Sitting down is unhealthy so walk, stand, or lay down rather than sitting.

9. Getting 7-9 hours of restful sleep. – This means dealing with snoring and sleep apnoea.

Recommended Immune Supplements

Vitamin C™
The range includes:1000mg of High-Quality Liposomal Vitamin C with 175mg of Quercetin, 1000mg Liposomal Vitamin C and Camu Camu Capsules. Suitable for all ages from infants to seniors. Protects healthy cells and has various health benefits that may support immune function, brain health, blood sugar, and heart health. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Daily Immune Protection™ (D.I.P.)
A unique formulation of proven ingredients to support immune health. Contains EpiCor® and eXselen Selenium with Vitamin D3 to protect against infection. Provides Immudyne Beta-Glucans 1,3 and 1,6 to boost immune response and provide extra support for healthy cell growth. Suitable for vegetarians.

Olive Leaf + Zinc
A super antioxidant, olive leaf is considered to potentially offer immune protection against colds, Flu, and other viral infections. Oleuropein, one of the primary compounds in olive leaf, is believed to exhibit potent anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, offering wide-reaching immune support. The addition of zinc, also critical for a strong immune system and often deficient in the diet, enhances the power of this product. Can be used all year round or for more occasional targeted support. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

An award-winning probiotic supplement that contains 8 Bio-Identical S.B.O. (soil-based organisms) of Probiotics Consortia. Essential for supporting the growth of all-natural, friendly microorganisms that help to renew and create a healthy rebalance between the good and bad gut bacteria. May support stronger digestion, immunity, and overall health. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Nascent Iodine
Consumable iodine in its atomic form that provides a safe energy release when consumed. May help to provide increased energy and immunity levels. Supports thyroid health and hormone production. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Hydrosol Silver
Hydrosol Silver Spray – The active ingredient in the Hydrosol Silver Spray is a unique patented Silver Technology, using nano-particles for superior absorption, containing 10ppm hydrosol silver. Using a silver spray can act as the first line of defence against unwanted pathogens. Being anti-microbial, it is able to support immunity, by targeting invading bacteria, viruses, fungus, and so on. By boosting the immune system, you allow your body’s own natural defences to work much more efficiently. Suitable for all the family.

Vitamin D3-K2 Spray
Combines 1000IU of Vitamin D3 and 100mcg of Vitamin K2 MK7 in an easy-to-use sublingual spray for maximum absorption.
Helps to support a normal immune system response, support better calcium absorption and phosphorus absorption in the bones. It is also the world’s original Vegan and Vegetarian Vitamin D3.

Ancient Magnesium® Oil Ultra
Topical Magnesium with 100% Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Oil. All the benefits of the original oil plus OptiMSM, the world’s purest M.S.M. for enhanced absorption. Recommended for general relaxation, relief from sore muscles, various body aches, and meeting your daily requirements of this essential mineral for achieving optimal health. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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