Thirsty All The Time? Here’s Why You May Need Organic Minerals

The warm summer season means that you can easily become more dehydrated and lose important minerals and electrolytes through perspiration, respiration and other bodily functions.

Drinking at least six-to-eight glasses of filtered water a day with a pinch of sodium bicarbonate in each glass is recommended for good hydration. Adding a pinch of sodium bicarbonate can help your body to stay in an alkaline state and maintain good health.


Why Stay Hydrated?

Staying hydrated and getting enough fluids is vital for the body and mind to function properly. Not drinking enough water can affect your concentration, leaving you feeling dizzy, light-headed or tired.

Water is essential fluid to drink as it carries oxygen, nutrients and glucose to cells, and to the kidneys where it removes waste products we no longer need.

As humans, we are uniquely designed to regulate our body temperature, especially in hot conditions. We do this by losing water through the skin (perspiration) and this, in turn, acts to cool the body and helps us to maintain a stable temperature.

The more water lost through sweat, the more we need to replace. This is why if you live in a hot climate or partake in sports activities, you will need to drink more fluids to replace minerals and electrolytes lost through sweating.


What Are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals and compounds that help your body to perform its functions such as producing energy and contracting your muscles. We can get them from what we eat and drink. Electrolyte levels are measured in blood tests, but their levels must stay within a fairly small range, or serious problems can arise.

Along with regulating fluid levels in blood plasma and the body, they can keep your pH (acid/alkaline) of your blood in the normal range (7.35 – 7.45, slightly alkaline). Electrolytes also enable muscle contractions, including the beating of your heart.

They also play a role in transmitting nerve signals from the heart, muscle and nerve cells, to other cells. Electrolytes also help the blood to clot and to build new tissue.

By losing fluids due to excessive sweating, it can cause an electrolyte imbalance. It’s unlikely, however, that you will get too many electrolytes from the foods in your diet.


Essential Minerals And Electrolytes For Good Health 

Maintaining electrolyte balance is key to good health. Here are a list of some of the most essential minerals and electrolytes and the symptoms you may experience if they are lacking:

Sodium – Severe symptoms of low sodium can eventually result in seizures, coma and death. [1]

Chloride – Low chloride could point to kidney problems, dehydration, fluid loss, diarrhoea, or vomiting. [2]

Potassium – Low potassium levels may not always show symptoms in the body but it may affect how your body stores glycogen or causes abnormal heart rhythms. [3]

Calcium – Chronically low levels of calcium can cause changes in skin, nails and hair. It can also lead to yeast infections and cataracts. When Calcium is under seven it causes changes in the reflexes (hyperreflexia), muscle spasms, spasms of the larynx (voice box) and seizures. [4]

Magnesium – Low magnesium levels may cause symptoms similar to low potassium or calcium. It can result in tiredness, weakness, muscle cramps, abnormal heart rhythms and irritability of the nervous system. Health problems associated with magnesium loss include diabetes, poor absorption, chronic diarrhoea, celiac disease. An extremely low magnesium level can be life-threatening. [5]

Phosphate/Phosphorus – Low phosphate levels can cause muscle weakness, respiratory failure, seizures and even coma. [6]

Selenium – A selenium deficiency has been associated with depressed mood, anxiety and confusion. Common signs of deficiency include shedding hair, skin and nail discolouration, itchy scalp, fatigue, foggy mind, muscle weakness, a weak immune system and infertility issues in both men and women. [7]

Chromium – A deficiency in chromium may lead to impaired insulin function, low energy levels, weight loss, peripheral neuropathy and confusion. [8]

Manganese – Manganese is essential in bone metabolism and works as a co-factor for various bone-building enzymes. Symptoms of manganese deficiency include impaired growth, impaired glucose tolerance, skeletal abnormalities and impaired reproductive function. [9]

Zinc – A zinc deficiency can cause hair loss, diarrhoea, eye and skin sores, along with loss of appetite. Weight loss, wound healing problems, decreased ability to taste food and low alertness levels are also signs. [10]

These are just some of the electrolytes and minerals highly recommended for ensuring good health.

To stay healthy during the summer season, it’s essential to restore your body’s electrolytes and minerals that are lost due to perspiration.


Why Take An Electrolyte and Mineral Supplement?

By choosing to supplement with pure organic minerals as part of your daily health regime, you can ensure that you are receiving a wide spectrum of minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, amino acids and additional organic acids that the body needs for good health.

By combining fulvic acids with minerals to form fulvic acid mineral complexes, you can give your body what many health experts are calling, “The Missing Link of Nutrition”.

These complexes can balance and energise cell life and the body’s biological processes. By taking fulvic mineral complexes they can provide you with increased energy levels that remain stable throughout the day, a restful night’s sleep, along with a clearer mind and better brain function.

Other benefits from including fulvic minerals include balanced appetite, better absorption of nutrients from foods and supplements, healthy hair and skin, along with increased stamina and athletic performance. It may also help to ease aches and pains after exercise and even symptoms of arthritis.

Taking an electrolyte and mineral supplement can ensure that you are you regulating and replacing your electrolytes efficiently, keeping them at the right levels for achieving optimum health.














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