The Fundamental Flaws in Our Current Medical System Unveiled

The Importance of a Holistic Approach for True Health

There are fundamental flaws in our current medical system that need to be urgently recognised. Often hailed as a triumph of modern science, Western medicine nonetheless has significant limitations regarding true healthcare. Rather than promoting genuine health and well-being in the first place, it tends to focus on reacting to and then managing issues and disease. This approach fails to incorporate prevention or the principles of the holistic nature of human health. Neither does it take into account an understanding of quantum (energy) physics. Incorporating quantum or energy physics means in order to thrive, we must recognise that we are energetic beings. We need to understand that our bodies are a series of complex and interconnected energy systems. Treating individual parts without considering the whole body fails to address the root causes of health issues. Over time, this can lead to chronic conditions and much suffering.

Western Medicine: Disease Management, Not Healthcare

The current medical model often prioritises treating symptoms over addressing underlying causes. This symptom-centric approach can lead to a cycle of medication rather than true healing. Instead of fostering wellness, the system can perpetuate dependency on drugs, which can have harmful side effects. This cycle of medication and side effects can diminish the quality of life for patients.  All this highlights the need for a more holistic approach.

The Limitations of a Reductionist Approach

The human body is a complex, interconnected whole, not just a collection of separate parts. Modern medicine’s reductionist approach fails to recognise this interconnectedness. Treating body parts in isolation from each other demonstrates little or no understanding of the importance of getting to the root causes of health issues. For example, addressing joint pain with medication without considering overall inflammation, lifestyle, and dietary factors can lead to temporary relief but not long-term health. A holistic view that considers the entire body as an interconnected system is crucial for healing. Anyone who has had an experience of being sent from one specialist consultant for one issue to another specialist consultant for another issue, with little or no dialogue between the two, will understand the limitations and frustrations of this piecemeal approach only too well.

The Role of Quantum Physics in Health

Quantum physics has existed for over a century and has revolutionised our understanding of the world. For example, we use its discoveries in our everyday lives with lasers, fibre optics, and LEDs. However, quantum physics also tells us that everything is energy and that energy is interrelated. Nothing is separate.

Modern medicine has not fully incorporated the significant contribution quantum physics can make for health and well-being. The now questionable Newtonian model of physics views the body as a machine of separate and relatively unrelated parts. This approach still dominates medical thinking. Recognising the world and the human body as comprised of a complexity of energy is essential for effective healthcare. Until this shift happens, the current system will fall short financially and in terms of quality health results.  Furthermore, these problems will continue, regardless of how many organisational changes take place or how much money is invested.

The Flaws of the Drug-Centric Approach

One of the fundamental flaws in our current medical system is the extensive use of drugs for almost every issue. Prescription drug use has reached very high levels. 81% of the population aged 60 to 79 in Canada are taking one or more prescribed medications. As a result medications constitute one of the major health spending categories. In the UK, in 2012, nearly 70% of the UK population received one or more prescriptions. 27% of the population received five or more. In 2016, in the USA, it was noted that prescription drug use increased with age, from 18.0% of children under age 12 years to 85.0% of adults aged 60 and over.

Drugs usually treat symptoms rather than causes, leading to a cycle of medication and side effects. This approach drains the healthcare system financially and diminishes the quality of life for patients. The focus of medical systems on drugs and ever more sophisticated surgical interventions overlooks the importance of cost-effective lifestyle and dietary changes, as well as more holistic treatments to help maintain health in the first place. Patients end up taking more medications to manage the side effects of other drugs. This then creates a cascade of dependency and health complications.

While Western medicine excels in providing acute and emergency care, its approach to chronic health issues is fundamentally flawed. Focusing on specific interventions works well in emergency and life-threatening situations but falls short for longer-term chronic health situations. Integrating a holistic understanding of the body, which considers our systems’ energetic and interconnected nature, is essential for effective chronic care.

The Arrogance of Excluding Traditional Wisdom

Modern medicine often dismisses traditional and holistic approaches as irrelevant or even dangerous. It prefers to consider only its own approach as worthy of attention. To coin a phrase, it has thrown the baby out with the bathwater! This arrogance overlooks accessing the value of ancient wisdom to everyone’s detriment. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), for example, understands the body as an energetic system. It offers valuable insights into ways of maintaining health. TCM and other forms of energy medicine, such as homoeopathy and herbal treatments, recognise the importance of energy flow and balance within the body. These approaches offer valuable tools for addressing health issues at their root.

Furthermore, non-drug-based treatments and potential alternative solutions are often criticised by the  Western medicine approach as not having been the subject of a ‘clinical trial.’ Not only are these trials prohibitively expensive, they are impractical for products that can’t be patented, are low cost, and potentially freely available to all! Furthermore, quantum physics shows us that there is no such thing as scientific objectivity. It demonstrates that the outcome of an experiment is influenced by consciousness and the environment. In other words, the thoughts of the researchers can easily affect the result, and which goes some way to explaining why similar studies get different results.

The Importance of Personal Responsibility for Health

When we take in supplements, drugs, food or water, we are taking in energy.  We have a choice.  Do we want to take in the energy of a manmade chemical that tries to beat nature, or do we want to take in energy in tune with nature itself for our health and wellbeing?  Our bodies are nature – so that may inform your choice too! Drugs have their place in certain predominantly short term situations, but taken long term they become the master.

Given the fundamental flaws in our current medical system, it is crucial for individuals to take charge of their own health. While it’s important to listen to doctors and health practitioners, an open mind is essential; each person must make informed decisions that align with their beliefs and needs. By listening to our bodies and maintaining health through natural means, we can potentially achieve better outcomes than relying solely on the medical system. This shift towards personal responsibility and proactive health management is key to achieving true well-being.

Innovative Solutions and Energy Medicine

Fortunately, there are emerging fields of energy medicine and innovative ideas that are looking more widely for solutions which hold immense promise. Companies developing holistic health products, such as energy balancing products, redox signalling products, or even the sugar complex cyclodextrin for safely removing cholesterol, for example, offer alternatives to drug treatments. Other less expensive natural products are also available, such as nattokinase, which can also help clean the blood and help remove cholesterol, and olive leaf and zinc, which can help boost immunity. Acupuncture, based on TCM, is another alternative, which recognises the interrelated nature of our bodies and their health.

The food industry has also gone the way of the health industry and, as such, is generally more about making a profit than providing nutrition. Therefore, as consumers, we need to be aware that it is a significant understatement to say that not everything on the supermarket shelves is good for us! Even some fresh produce is missing essential elements due to nutrition-depleted soil as a result of intensive farming. A good quality vitamin and mineral supplement can be an important foundation for maintaining health here, along with a quality probiotic for that all-essential balanced gut microbiome.

These solutions focus on supporting the whole body’s complex natural processes without harmful side effects. Public support for these innovations and health giving solutions is crucial as they often face resistance from the traditional medical industry, which is heavily influenced by profit-driven motives.


Due to the extensive influence of vested interests, rectifying the fundamental flaws in our current medical system will likely take decades. Therefore, we need to take personal responsibility for our health rather than unthinkingly following the reductionist and drug-centric approach we are currently facing.

To achieve true health and well-being, we need to recognise the principles of modern quantum physics (i.e., that the body is a complex and interrelated energy system) together with traditional wisdom (supporting safe and non-invasive remedies). When these understandings are integrated into healthcare, they can lead to significantly better outcomes for chronic health issues.

Personal responsibility for health and an open mind towards both innovative and holistic solutions are essential steps toward a healthier future for everyone. By shifting our perspective and practices, we can move from disease management to genuine healthcare and vitality.


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