WEEK 43 (2020) – You Cannot Die Twice

Health News (Week 43 – 2020)
By Robert Redfern

A little bit of news before I get onto this week’s newsletter, Why You Need Magnesium. The corporate media and especially social media have discarded all pretence of news and even-handed reporting of science and information. Some of what they say are lies but virtually everything they say is biased. The latest bias they are using to try to terrorise people with are ‘cases’.

What is a case?

In real medicine a ‘case’ is a person is suffering from a disease.

A real Doctor will attempt to treat the causes of disease in any ‘case’. Unfortunately, most real doctors have been brainwashed by the Pharma/Medical Cartel.

They mostly do not treat and in fact they simply end up caring for the disease with pharma drugs.

When you treat the body for a disease, that is healthcare, and healthcare is correcting the wrong that caused the disease, in most ‘cases’ this is unhealthy lifestyles.

People Did Die of CV-virus

The first 9 months of this year we have seen CVvirus sweeping the world….?

In the first 4-5 months a lot more than the average number people died for this period, but it is now known those people had an average age of 82.

These elderly people were mostly due to die anytime in the next 12 months following their ‘premature’ death. The CVvirus, if it did cause the deaths of those in this group it tipped them over the edge to die a few months earlier than they should.

A tiny percentage of deaths took place in the under 70s and virtually none under aged 40.

The deaths in the under 40’s ONLY really took place in those few with a serious pre-existing health conditions.

If you hear anything that disputes the above then you may be being lied to.

How Many Are Dying Now?

You need to listen very carefully when reading and listening to the media.

They are trying very hard not to mention that only a very small number of people are presently dying of CVvirus.

Instead they say ‘more people are dying’ which of course is true but they don’t mention what they are dying of.

They DON’T mention:

  • MORE people are dying from lack of care by the medical systems
  • Deaths numbers from the biggest killers in the world; heart diseases, cancer and lung disease
  • Suicide numbers as result of the mental health effect of the ongoing lockdowns.

Is this because CV-virus has gone away?

No, but it is possibly because the people at risk are taking more care of their health.

So what is the biggest factor and why are there so few CVvirus deaths?

You Cannot Die Twice

I have said from February this year that CVvirus figures are open to fraud since the WHO gave two codes for cause of death; U07.1 and U07.2. Worse still the doctors/hospitals get paid exactly the same for choosing either one of them.

  1. U07.1 is the code to be used when CVvirus is identified through a lab test as the CAUSE of death. Approx. 6% of CVvirus deaths have this code.
  2. U07.2 is the code to be used at the whim of the doctors that sign the death certificate and 94% of CVvirus deaths have this code.

Do you agree with me that this last code U07.2 is open to abuse at least and fraud at worst?

If you think I am being paranoid you must appreciate I have little faith in doctors or the medical system.

Since this is open to fraud why are the number of deaths are so low at this time of year?

There are so few people dying because so many of the at risk people have already have already died.

You cannot die twice and they cannot count them again. Bad publicity has deterred doctors from using the U07.2 code too freely especially since the majority of deaths are a direct result of the actions of those doctors and hospitals.

They left many at risk people with heart diseases, lung diseases and cancers untreated.

I now think they are too embarrassed to use the U07.2 code and so they cannot use deaths to terrorise the public.

So, What can they do?

‘Cases’ as a Terror Tool.

Yes, their only tool left to control the populations in lockdowns is to terrorise the populations with the number of ‘cases’.
Since cases don’t mean deaths in the healthy population and the ‘at risk’ people are being better protected by their own actions these ‘cases’ will now not mean as many deaths.

PCR Test For CV?

They are determining ‘cases’ using a PCR test which is using results ‘not fit for purpose’.

The inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, a Nobel prize winner for chemistry said the PCR test should never be used for diagnostic purposes.

The test amplifies bits of virus and DNA and the degree of amplification can show a positive or negative result.

It can, therefore, be falsely used to show that the disease is on the increase or waning.

So the government could choose to show high levels of infection before vaccination and low levels afterwards.

MY ADVICE? NEVER AGREE TO HAVE ONE as you cannot trust the results.

IF YOU have to get a test for whatever reason then do this prior to testing to help clear out infection and pass the test:

  1. Gargle with Nascent Iodine or HydroSol Silver for a few minutes.
  2. Spray HydroSol silver up both nostrils to wash out any infection there.


Everything you hear from the main media and social media is PROPAGANDA from the Pharma/Medical Cartel and their allies.

Their common goal is to give you patented Vacs.s that have NEVER been tested on large MIXED populations for the years necessary to determine the potential long-term side effects. The worst news is they are currently being tested on a few healthy young people and even they are getting sick and some are dying.

Why You Need Magnesium, Is What I Really Wanted to Talk About Today

I want to highlight the latest scientific studies. These new studies show what I have asserted for many years that everyone needs daily Magnesium supplementation.

Magnesium is an essential mineral that’s necessary for every cell in your body. As recent research indicates, it may also be useful for treating a variety of ailments, infections and diseases including migraines, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, preeclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy) and even toe fungus (athletes foot).

The recent study published in the journal Cell, finally found the solution to the mystery around what activates magnesium ions in a human cell. Researchers found that lactate (an electrically charged form of lactic acid) is a signal – a bit like a light switch, that turns on magnesium ions. When lactate’s signal is activated i.e. through exercise, the ions rush out of cellular storehouses (called the endoplasmic reticulum). Lactate’s essential role can also trigger magnesium for the extra energy needed from exercise.

Researchers therefore believe that magnesium needs to be elevated to its rightful place and should be taken daily for many ailments.

Why Do We Need Magnesium?

As magnesium is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body, it can support muscle and nerve functions, along with regulating blood pressure, and supporting the immune system amongst countless other benefits.

Without magnesium, life does not exist. Your health depends upon it. This latest research provides further evidence that magnesium could also be used as potential treatment for a range of health issues including cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders such as diabetes and various other ills.

Another Tufts study found that healthy people with a high magnesium intake have also been found to be 37% less likely to develop high blood sugar or excess circulating insulin – common precursors to diabetes. Among those who already had these conditions, those who consumed the most magnesium were 32% less likely to develop diabetes than those consuming the least.

What is the best way to take Magnesium?

The most common ways to take magnesium are through an oral supplement or trans dermally (absorbed via the skin).

Naturally occurring magnesium, has been found to be more bioavailable than other forms of magnesium such as magnesium.

Transdermal magnesium is most highly recommended as a growing number of studies show it’s more effective than oral supplementation. Alternatives such as over-the-counter supplements have an average absorption rate of 38 per cent, while magnesium oxide powder has an absorption rate as low as 4 per cent.

In comparison, having a 20 minute foot soak in magnesium chloride flakes has been shown to have a 75 per cent increase in cellular magnesium within only four weeks. This is because unlike oral magnesium, cells can absorb the magnesium directly into the body, bypassing the digestive system.

As a superior way to supplement, transdermal magnesium solutions such as Magnesium Lotion, Magnesium Oil or Magnesium Bath Flakes ensure that the magnesium is absorbed into the body’s cells for maximum effect. My recommendations are Ancient Magnesium OIL ULTRA and Ancient Magnesium Ultra Flakes.

Magnesium For Boosting The Immune System

Applying Magnesium onto your skin daily is recommended for good health. The research around Magnesium and its link to immune health is clear – adding more Magnesium into your daily routine can be the natural solution to help with resisting disease-causing pathogens and improving the immune system.

Everyone should be taking magnesium for best health. Children, pregnant women, adults, older people and the immunocompromised may improve their health in a shorter time frame when magnesium chloride is applied to the skin daily.

For more information about how magnesium supports your good health, read my ‘The Magnesium Manual,’ and take a look at our range of topical Magnesium recommendations below…

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See the full range here



Good health and a strong immune system does not happen by exercise and a healthy diet alone. Supplementation is critical for all of the missing minerals from before conception until the day you die to stay healthy and strong.

Immune Products We Use And Strongly Recommend

Consider using the supplements we take, seen below from left to right in order of priority.



Vitamin C™
The range includes:1000mg of High-Quality Liposomal Vitamin C with 175mg of Quercetin, 1000mg Liposomal Vitamin C and Cam Camu Capsules. For all ages from infants to seniors. Protect healthy cells and has various health benefits that may support immune function, brain health, blood sugar and heart health.

Daily Immune Protection™ (D.I.P.)
Contains Epicor®, eXselen™ and a high dose of Beta Glucan with a strong dose of Vitamin D3 to support a balanced immune response and provide extra support for healthy cell growth. Suitable for vegetarians.

A super antioxidant, olive leaf is considered to potentially offer immune protection against colds, flu and other viral infections. Oleuropein, one of the primary compounds in olive leaf, is believed to exhibit potent anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, offering wide-reaching immune support. The addition of zinc, also critical for a strong immune system and often deficient in the diet, enhances the power of this product. Can be used all year round or for more occasional targeted support. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Taking probiotic supplements is recommended to help balance the bacteria in the gut, which in turn supports digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as overall immunity. Prescript Biotics, contains a custom cultured blend of soil-based organisms, in its own prebiotic food source, to help balance the diversity of the microbiome; supporting digestion, immunity and overall health. Soil-based probiotics are the first choice for optimum health, as they are well adapted to the environment of the gut and offer long-term benefits. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Nascent Iodine
Consumable iodine in its atomic form that provides a safe energy release when consumed. May help to provide increased energy and immunity levels. Supports thyroid health and hormone production. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Hydrosol Silver
Hydrosol Silver Spray – The active ingredient in the Hydrosol Silver Spray is a unique patented Silver Technology, using nano-particles for superior absorption, containing 10ppm hydrosol silver. Using a silver spray can act as the first line of defence against unwanted pathogens. Being anti-microbial it is able to support immunity, by targeting invading bacteria, viruses, fungus and so on. By boosting the immune system, you allow your body’s own natural defences to work much more efficiently. Suitable for all the family.

Vitamin D3-K2 Spray
Combines 1000IU of Vitamin D3 and 100mcg of Vitamin K2 MK7 in an easy to use sublingual spray for maximum absorption. Helps to support a normal immune system response, support better calcium absorption and phosphorus absorption in the bones. It is also the world’s original Vegan and Vegetarian Vitamin D3.

Ancient Magnesium Oil Ultra
Genuine Zechstein 100% Ultra-Pure Magnesium Oil with OptiMSM for enhanced cellular absorption. Apply the Ancient Magnesium Oil Ultra to the skin each day, for immune support, and to help calm the nervous system, encourage relaxation, anxiety relief and aid sleep.

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