WEEK 32 (2022) – It’s A Cat’s Life! Follow Our Top Tips To Keep Your Feline Healthy

This week we’d like to talk about all things cat. On August 8th, it was International Cat Day, an important reminder to celebrate the joy our furry friends bring us.

Along with being cute and having unique personalities, cats bring us so much love and companionship. Research also shows that cat owners can experience lower stress and anxiety levels, as simply petting or playing with a cat can make your day better! This may help with improving cardiovascular health, helping us to live happier and healthier lives overall.

Therefore, we’d like to focus this newsletter on feline health and mention some simple wellness tips you can follow to keep them feeling at their best.

Here are just a few of our favourite health tips for cats:

1. Give your cat plenty of play time

Cats love to play and a great way to ensure they are getting enough exercise is to encourage them to go and play outside, in their natural habitat where possible. For indoor cats, playing with your cats often is recommended to relieve boredom, and also as an outlet for their predatory instincts. Exercise can also prevent behaviour problems, reduces weight gain and may help with avoiding future health problems.

2. Ensure they are getting enough Taurine for best health

Taurine is an essential nutrient for your cat’s health – especially the development of their brain, nerves, eyes, heart, digestive system, immune function and for fetal development. Taurine has been shown to protect the eyes against retinal degeneration and irreversible blindness, if this isn’t addressed.

3. Keep food and water separate

It’s recommended to keep your cat’s food and water bowls separate to avoid cross-contamination. Cat behaviourists believe this may be due to cats hunting away from their water source when in the wild. It’s therefore good practice to keep your cat’s water bowl around 3-5 feet away from the food bowl.

4. Give your cat plenty of water

Your cat should have access to fresh water all the time so they stay hydrated. Cats may drink more water, especially if they are eating more dry food. Elderly cats are also more prone to becoming dehydrated than others, so it’s essential to check for symptoms such as sunken eyes, lethargy and panting.

5. Train your cat to use a scratching post

Giving your cat a scratch post is recommended, to help with their overall wellbeing. A scratch post can get them into the habit of clawing that rather than any valuable furniture around the house. A scratch post can also help to keep their claws sharp, providing good exercise because it allows them to stretch their muscles. It also allows them to mark their territory, an instinctual process that signals their ownership, while also dealing with stress.

6. Consider Hydrosol™ Silver Gel

Silver is a natural antibiotic that can boost the immune system, helping the body’s own natural defense system. We recommend Hydrosol™ Silver as this contains a new silver technology with nano particles that have proven to be the most effective silver products. Hydrosol™ Silver can be used internally in the form of a spray or externally as a gel, and is beneficial when applied to cuts, abrasions or infections to support the wound healing process. You may want to apply Hydrosol™ Silver Gel onto your pet’s wound or injury for example, as this may provide natural relief

7. Brush your cat regularly

Regular stroking and brushing your cat’s fur will cut down on the number of hairballs that may develop in the digestive tract. Brushing can help your pet to remove loose hair, while also helping them to relax. Modern grooming brushes even come in the shape of a human glove, that can be worn to pick up loose fur and dust, removing it from their body.

8. Try some Serrapeptase

If your pet has an injury or wound, or just generally needs some extra anti-inflammatory support, Serrapeptase can provide safe and effective relief for both humans and animals alike.

Serrapeptase can:

  • Support immunity
  • Support blood flow circulation
  • Support the body’s normal inflammation response

For cats and small dogs, it’s recommended to give them ½ a tablet per day. This can be increased if needed. You can add the smallest amount possible to food, and try to keep this away from the main meal. The dose may need to be increased to counter the loss of effectiveness by taking with food.

Serrapeptase can help to keep your cat healthy just like these kitties…

SerraPet® Cat Health Testimonials

Cat’s Mobility Has Improved
“My 16 year old cat experienced discomfort when her hindquarters stiffened and she lost mobility in her tail. After two months on SerraPet™, she is out and about all the time. Ann dares to hope she’ll even regaisn some hearing as well. It’s really as if time has rolled back!”

– Ann

Cat’s Upper Respiratory Disease

“We found a feral cat on the streets and took it in to care for it. It had an upper respiratory disease and the vets treatments didn’t help at all. However, we gave him SerraPet® and it made all the difference. We used to hear Boomer huffing and puffing but now he breathes silently and sleeps peacefully. We still give him 1/2 tablet a day to keep up the good work.”

– Mr and Mrs Newman

Cat’s Health Recovery from Serrapeptase

“I once gave Serrapeptase to another cat I had but can’t remember how I did it. I think I syringed the powder mixed with water into her mouth when she had an empty stomach. She had a naso-pharyngeal cancer and the serrapeptase cured it.

I know it was the Serrapeptase because the vets couldn’t understand why the tumour went away. They were only prescribing steroids which they certainly didn’t expect to be a cure, only a temporary drug to relieve the symptoms.


he was at death’s door and could hardly breathe, so I tried the Serrapeptase as a last resort. She made a full recovery and lived another 2 years and eight months when she died of an undiagnosed liver tumour at the grand old age of 19 years and eight months.”
– Sharon Calver

Watch Our Top Tips For Cat Health Video!

Want to learn more about the benefits of Serrapeptase for animals? We have a web site dedicated to discussing the benefits of taking the Serrapeptase enzyme here: www.serrapeptase.info


SerraPet®– Provides 250,000IU maximum strength Serrapeptase tablets. Used by vets. Supports natural healing for a wide variety of conditions. Safe to take for all animals, including horses, cats and dogs. For cats and small dogs, it’s recommended to give them ½ a tablet per day. This can be increased if needed. 90 max strength tablets. Available from Good Health Naturally.


Hydrosol™ Silver Gel & Spray

Hydrosol™ Silver Gel and Spray – Hydrosol™ Silver works to superboost the body’s immune system so that the body’s own natural defense system can work efficiently at helping to maintain its natural, healthy state. Available from Good Health Naturally.


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