WEEK 29 (2021) – Interesting News

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I am back from my holiday in sunny Mallorca and have returned to a heatwave in the UK. Unfortunately, I don’t have a nice pool to jump into to cool off and my little study is not even big enough to have a fan. No complaints though, except I had an email from the Government’s Track & Trace to tell me one person on the plane tested positive for CV and that I had to self-isolate for 14 days. I guess that is the UK government’s way of punishing me and others for daring to go on holiday against their wishes.

For New Readers

Thirty-five years ago, my mother died of lung disease at age 62 and my 64-year-old father died a short while later of cancer.

I researched the causes of their deaths in-depth. I soon found evidence that the majority of diseases that people prematurely die from are completely preventable. I discovered evidence that these diseases are mainly caused by an unhealthy diet, lack of critical nutrients, and lifestyle factors – all of which create unhealthy bodies. I was also sceptical about the profit-motivated pharmaceutical companies that pushed drugs and influenced medical opinion.

Since discovering this scientifically obvious, yet commonly unknown evidence, I have followed my own health plan. I celebrated my 75th birthday in January feeling truly fit and healthy, and I want to help all my readers to achieve the same feeling, at any age.

I am not one for following Government rules but it just so happens I already work at home and have lots of work to catch up with. Otherwise, I would tend to ignore them since of course the PCR test is fake and no one on my plane could have been diagnosed.

This fakery was confirmed from another lovely holiday country – Portugal.

Last November the Portuguese judges supported a requestion by a protest group to their government to provide evidence that the PCR tests actually work. I have mentioned before in my newsletters that the PCR test inventor Kerry Mullis was awarded a Nobel prize for his invention. Click Here to read more and watch Kerry Mullis speak on video.

However, Kerry became an ardent protester when Dr Fauci in the USA tried to claim that it would diagnose HIV disease and especially, any virus. Kerry Mullis was still protesting when he died in suspicious circumstances just before the CV pandemic in late 2019. If he had been alive today, he would have been shouting to the world that his invention did not diagnose the CV virus.

Obviously, the Portuguese Government could not provide the evidence to the courts that the PCR test could diagnose CV. In fact, no government has ever supplied evidence that the PCR can diagnose CV.

What I find interesting is the Portuguese government has now had to roll back the number of deaths claimed from CV since they have in effect admitted the PCR test does not diagnose CV. Instead of 17,000 deaths claimed using the PCR test for CV it is now just 152. Of course this came to light in the same way you can simply ask for the number of Burials and Cremations over the past 5 years for your area. In Portugal, all Burials and Cremations are collected by one Government office and so it was easy. It is not disclosed how they know these 152 people died of CV. Maybe they just want to save face?

While very sad, it makes the pandemic claim seem overblown to the point of pointless to jab everyone since more people will be harmed and will die from the jab than the new claim of 152.

Which Brings Us To The Rest Of The World.

Where is the world’s mainstream media (MSM) publicising the fake PCR test, demanding that the lockdowns stop, demanding that the claims of deaths are withdrawn?

I can understand the MSM since they are paid millions every week by the governments. I have long had no faith in hearing the truth from the media. I feel the same for Doctors who are paid bonuses to write CV as the cause of death. They were brainwashed from the day they were born, the same as we all were but they went to medical college for extra brainwashing. To be fair, there are lots of doctors who go rogue and turn to natural health but the other doctors turn on them with the viciousness of an alley cat.

The MSM and Doctors I can understand, but why are the courts refusing to hear applications to force governments into courts to show evidence that the PCR tests work and disclose the real figures. It appears the judges are too scared, or they are part of the pandemic fraud?

So, Is Everything A Lie?

It sure looks like it to me. We know all of Big Pharma are criminals and don’t care what harm they do as long as they get big money. They have been fined billions in the recent past for fraud as well as deaths and harm but I very much doubt that this will be repeated as it appears all governments now are part of these crimes.

Now the governments are spending billions of our money on fake tests and billions on jabs that are not needed but cause untold harm.

I wish I didn’t need to publish this. My passion is talking about health and longevity.

However, it is what it is and we need to work together to achieve good health and the long healthy life we deserve.

I will keep you informed…


Since March 2020 I have declared we can only prepare ourselves for whatever the future holds by becoming super healthy to deal with any eventual challenges. Nothing and nobody can protect you and your family as much as a really healthy lifestyle and avoiding drugs will.

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Take good care of yourself,

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