WEEK 12 (2020) – Good News Coming

Health News (Week 12 – 2020)
By Robert Redfern

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Just as the Schools, Businesses, Airlines, Sporting Fixtures and Civil Liberties are being closed and possibly bankrupted across the western democracies, the Chinese announced today that no more new cases of CV-Virus have been identified. Even the BBC reporter in China has confirmed that restrictions have been lifted and families are walking out into the spring sunshine.

Not So Good News

The BBC seem to be pushing for a more authoritarian approach and although it reported the good news, it is spending 90% of its airtime justifying restrictions and even used the phrase, ‘martial law’ this morning.

Police are to be given the power to arrest someone they ‘think?’ is infected. The challenge is that the authorities and politicians in Western countries have never had such powers over their populations and let’s hope the populations stop acquiescing and demand a more balanced approach.

Good News Coming

In China they have been treating those effected with Vitamin C IV and Beta Glucan. I am sure they will have sodium bicarbonate in the IV since even western emergency rooms include this in their emergency treatment.

Fujifilm Holdings Corp have successfully tested an antiviral drug in China and Japan. The Japanese government said it would recommend the use of Fujifilm’s anti-flu drug Avigan to treat people sickened by CVvirus.

Are you still at risk?

95% of the population were never at risk of dying even if you contracted CV-Virus.

The people in this 95% group who have contracted CV-Virus may not even know they have it or get the symptoms of seasonal flu.

Those in the 95% group who are obese or eat a junk food diet may become seriously ill and need hospital treatment. Even in this last group it is very rare for death to occur.

The people at severe risk of death are those suffering from lung diseases or heart failure. Deaths in this group are already many times higher than the 95% group. It may be impossible to know whether they died from CV-Virus or if they were due to die from their lung disease – since 2000 people die EVERY WEEK in the UK from these conditions.

I worry that the authorities are making the case for CV-Virus DEATHS rather than admitting almost any infection could have tipped these people over the edge.

Help your recovery from lung disease or heart failure.

I repeat, my mother died at the young age of 62 of Lung Disease or rather heart failure from lack of oxygen due to failing lungs. My Lung Recovery book was the very first book I wrote nearly 20 years ago. I wrote this after many people successfully recovered that had followed my lung health plan. Since then I have refined the plan but I must be very clear, the diet and lifestyle is the cause of Lung Diseases. Supplements may not save a person that does not change their lifestyle.

This is the plan in my book especially for those at risk:

  1. Stop all grains, cereals, breads, cakes, cookies, breakfast cereals, potatoes and pasta.
  2. Stop all high sugar foods and drinks.
  3. Eat mostly vegetables, salads, dark-skinned fruits, nuts, seeds, and pulses (organic if possible).
  4. Stop fats identified as unhealthy (saturated or trans fats such as margarine, soy, corn oils, etc) and consume high levels of healthy fats (avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, etc).
  5. Stop smoking, stop using cleaning chemicals, keep away from vehicle fumes, keep your house well ventilated.
  6. If your house is damp and smells of fungus, move out and stay with a friend or relative. If you cannot move out to stay with anyone else then purchase a spray bottle with a strong misting action and mix sodium bicarbonate (baking Soda) and spray.
  7. Drink 6 x 500ml (16oz) glasses of water over the day with a ¼ teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in each glass. Sodium Bicarbonate can be delivered with Magnesium or with Vitamin C by IV. This needs a doctor or a qualified nurse. You can put this ¼ teaspoon on distilled water in a nebuliser and breathe it deeply into the lungs.
  8. If you can, walk up to 5 miles every day. If this is not possible learn diaphragmatic breathing which you can find online or in my eBook.
  9. Take the missing nutrients that are no longer in the food (even organic).
  10. 10. Get out into the sunshine and get as much skin exposed as possible. Unless like in Spain you get arrested for venturing out into the sunshine. (I am not joking about Spain).


Healthy people who eat a healthy diet are not at risk. If you are at risk, get started today and ask for any help you need.

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