The Importance of Vitamin D for Overall Health

What it is and why you need it…

We often hear about the importance of eating a balanced diet and regularly exercising for good health, but there is one vital nutrient that many people tend to overlook – vitamin D. This essential vitamin is responsible for various bodily functions that impact our overall well-being. In this blog post, we will discuss why vitamin D is a crucial nutrient for our health and how we can effectively obtain it.

  • Vitamin D and Bone Health:

Vitamin D plays a significant role in maintaining strong and healthy bones. It helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary minerals for maintaining bone density. Without adequate levels of vitamin D, bones can become brittle, fragile and can lead to osteoporosis – a condition that causes the bones to weaken and break easily.

  • Immune System:

Vitamin D is essential for a strong immune system. It helps regulate and activate immune cells that fight against infection and disease. Studies have shown that those with low levels of vitamin D are more susceptible to respiratory infections, autoimmune diseases and have a higher risk of certain cancers.

  • Mental Health:

Vitamin D has been linked to mental health as well. Researchers have found that low levels of vitamin D are associated with increased risks of depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. There is also evidence that suggests vitamin D supplementation can improve mood in those with deficiency.


Different forms of Vitamin D:

There are two forms of Vitamin D: plant-derived Vitamin D2 and predominantly animal-based Vitamin D3. While sources such as fatty fish, seafood, and egg yolks provide Vitamin D3, lichen, a composite organism that exists in a symbiotic relationship between an algae and a fungus, is a wonderfully rich vegan source of D3. Additionally, mushrooms contain Vitamin D2, which the body can convert into D3. 


How to obtain Vitamin D:

One can get vitamin D from exposure to sunlight, certain foods, and supplements. Our skin can make vitamin D when exposed to ultraviolet B (UVB) rays from the sun. However, depending on where you live, the time of year, and skin pigmentation, it can be difficult to get enough vitamin D from sunlight alone. Foods that are high in vitamin D include fatty fish like salmon, milk, and fortified cereals. 


Vitamin D Deficiency:

Unfortunately, in today’s world, vitamin D deficiency is relatively common. Certain people are more at risk of having vitamin D deficiency like those who live in regions with minimal sunlight, are homebound, or those with dark skin pigmentation. Medical professionals are strongly recommending vitamin D supplements now more than ever. 


To Conclude…

In conclusion, vitamin D is a crucial nutrient for overall health. It is essential for maintaining strong bones, a healthy immune system, and positive mental health. While our bodies can produce vitamin D from sunlight, it is vital to ensure we get adequate exposure, eat foods that are rich in vitamin D, and supplement if needed. If you are concerned about your vitamin D levels, speak to your healthcare provider who can provide guidance on how to improve your vitamin D status. By prioritising vitamin D, we can take an essential step towards optimal health.


Recommended Nutritional Supplements by Good Health Naturally

VitaminD3 supplement

Vitamin D3 4,000IU

During the darker winter days, we are naturally exposed to less sunlight, meaning our skin cannot synthesise Vitamin D3 – known as ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’ – as effectively as it can during the spring and summer. Supplementing Vitamin D3 to combat this can help to alleviate the winter blues.

  • Delivers a significant dose of 4,000 IU of Vitamin D3 as well as 100 mg of calcium from coral per capsule, allowing full absorption in a small dose
  • The inclusion of coral provides 10% RDA for calcium and also doubles as a flowing agent, so no artificial fillers, flowing agents, or excipients are used
  • An essential part of any wellness regime for maintaining overall optimum health
Vitamin D3 Spray

Vitamin D3 + K2 spray

A convenient combination of Vitamins D3 & K2 in their most active forms for enhanced bioavailability, in an ‘all-in-one’ vegan friendly sublingual spray formula.

  • Uses K2 (MK7) the preferred and most bioavailable form of K2 and Vitashine D3, the world’s original vegan friendly vitamin D3 (lichen extract)
  • Offers flexible dosing – The dosage can be easily adjusted to suit individual preferences, with each spray providing 200IU
  • Unique ‘no taste’ element means no nasty artificial flavourings – the product can be easily sprayed onto food for convenience or to disguise for the benefit of children/ those reluctant to taking vitamins

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