Is Taurine the Secret to a Longer, Healthier Life?

New Research Shows Taurine Could Be the Key to a Longer and Healthier Life

As we age, our bodies go through various changes, some of which can have a significant impact on our health. But what if we could slow down this process? What if there was a way to boost our life expectancy and improve our physical and brain health? According to new research, the answer might lie in a little-known nutrient called taurine. In this blog post, we’ll explore the recent findings related to taurine and how it could potentially be an “elixir of life.”

Taurine is an amino acid that is commonly found in animal protein. However, it can also be produced by the body, albeit in limited amounts. In a recent study carried out by researchers at Columbia University, it was found that levels of taurine decline with age in various species, including humans. In fact, in elderly people, taurine levels were shown to be 80% lower than in the young.

Recent Study Results

To understand the potential benefits of taurine, the researchers conducted experiments on middle-aged animals and boosted their taurine levels to match those of younger animals. 

A daily dose was given to 14-month-old mice, which is equivalent to about age 45 for humans. The results, published in the journal Science, showed male mice lived 10% longer, females 12%, and both appeared to be in better health. Not only did the animals show an extended lifespan but they also showed improved physical and brain health. These findings suggest that taurine may be an essential nutrient for healthy ageing.

In a study conducted on mice and worms, taurine improved overall health, body weight, bone density, and the immune system. 

Results from an analysis of 12,000 people also indicated those with higher levels of taurine in their blood were generally healthier. Though preliminary, these results show promise in extending lifespan up to an extra 7-8 years in humans. Further clinical trials are currently underway. 

According to a recent scientific report, taurine may have a beneficial effect on reducing cellular senescence, a process where cells in the body stop dividing, which is a key indicator of aging. Additionally, research suggests that taurine may help keep mitochondria (the cellular “powerhouses”) functioning. 

While the findings are promising, Professor Ilaria Bellantuono from the University of Sheffield notes that clinical trials in humans would be necessary to determine if dietary taurine can help prevent chronic conditions such as:

– Osteoporosis

– Muscle weakness

– Diabetes

– Neurodegenerative diseases


To conclude…

Taurine is a naturally occurring amino acid that plays a critical role in many bodily functions, including promoting healthy vision, heart health, digestion and healthy aging. Unfortunately, taurine is challenging to get enough of through diet alone, so supplementing is recommended alongside taurine-rich foods such as Seafood, Meat (particularly beef and lamb) Dairy products, and Eggs. Overall, regularly consuming taurine-rich foods or supplements can be an excellent way to support your health and well-being.



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