How To Stay Heart Healthy Thanks to Magnesium

According to a study, older heart patients with a history of myocardial infarction (MI) could reduce further complications of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and all-cause mortality by ensuring they get enough magnesium in their diet.  

The study involved over 4,365 patients whose magnesium intake was investigated over 12 years. Researchers found an inverse association between mineral levels and CVD mortality. 

Consuming high levels of Magnesium – an intake of 322mg daily was linked to a lower risk of CVD and all-cause mortality. This was especially true in the case of participants taking diuretics. 

Based on these current results and previous evidence, the authors suggest that magnesium intake could be more strongly related to mortality risk in CVD patients than in the general population.  

These findings emphasize the importance of cardiovascular patients having an adequate magnesium intake alongside traditional cardiovascular treatment. 


Why You Should Consider Magnesium  

Magnesium is essential for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It can help support a healthy immune system and maintain normal muscle and nerve function.  

For heart health, it has specific benefits that can keep your heart rhythm steady. The mineral is also required to help control blood glucose levels, blood pressure and myocardial metabolism. Magnesium has many other health benefits that can be found here.  

A daily magnesium intake of 350mg for men and 300mg for women is recommended by European experts.  

However, cardiovascular patients may have different requirements if they take medication that may interfere with absorption. 


What This Magnesium Study Shows 

Dietary intake was measured for male and female participants with an average age of 69 years, who were selected from the cohort involved in the Alpha Omega Trial, where MI patients had been monitored to assess the effects of low doses of omega-3 fatty acids or a placebo for 40 months. 

The results of the questionnaire determined that 235 people used magnesium supplements, with the average overall magnesium intake being around 300 mg/d. 

This study shows there is a direct link between magnesium status and death from coronary heart disease. A daily magnesium intake of 100mg/d was related to a 30-40% lower risk of CVD and all-cause mortality in several subgroups.  


Could Transdermal Magnesium Be the Solution?  

Taking magnesium supplements orally, however, may not provide maximum absorption and bioavailability into the bloodstream. The solution to this could be to try transdermal magnesium therapy instead.  

Transdermal magnesium therapy involves a range of solutions. This includes applying topical magnesium oil or lotion to the skin to ensure maximum magnesium uptake into the body.  

Bathing in magnesium flakes is another option that can support intake of this essential mineral.  

Increasing your magnesium intake can help support heart, metabolic, and brain function and even prevent cramping. 

Ensuring you get enough magnesium is essential for achieving optimal health. Transdermal magnesium can be a helpful solution to overcome magnesium deficiency that may contribute to health problems.  

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