Got A Question About Serrapeptase? Here Are Some Of Our Top Answers

Have you heard about the amazing benefits of Serrapeptase? This natural enzyme, coined as a ‘Miracle Enzyme’ by our founder Robert Redfern, has been providing powerful health benefits to thousands since its introduction in 2000. 

If inflammation is an issue for you – trouble breathing or joint pain – then this is worth looking into! From reducing swelling and aiding blood flow to relieving discomfort and supporting your conception – these are just some among many advantages that have already improved people’s lives. 

But with so much information out there on where to start taking Serrapeptase products, how do you make sure they’re right for YOU? We can help answer all those questions today!

We’ve put together some of our favourite Serrapeptase questions and answers…


1. What is Serrapeptase? How Is It Made? Is It Vegan?

SerraEnzyme Serrapeptase has been like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon – it’s gone beyond the silkworm intestine and into natural cultivation for humans! This revolutionary anti-inflammatory bioactive enzyme is vegan, derived from an ingredient in nature: bacteria called Serratia E15. 

It helps to break down hard pieces of material (just think how useful that can be!) Plus, keeners should know that even though this powerful digestion aid comes out of plants nowdays, it all started with properties found within the silkworm!


2. How Does Serrapeptase Work?

With the power of Serrapeptase, you can have a body free from dead scar tissue. The Serrapeptase enzyme comes straight from the silkworm’s intestine, and it works to safely and effectively break down non-living tissues while leaving living cells intact – giving them just enough room for healthy healing afterwards. If you want to remove inflammation and dead scar tissue from your body, this amazing enzyme can help.


3. Which Health Conditions Does Serrapeptase Work?

Suffering from inflammation issues? Studies suggest that the naturally-occurring enzyme Serrapeptase can help reduce a variety of health conditions, including inflammatory lung and joint problems as well as ear, eye and head pain. It might even be beneficial for skin disorders such as cysts or eczema! 

The potential benefits don’t stop there – many are also finding it useful in providing relief to reproduction organs too. Many women have reported taking the Serrapeptase enzyme to find natural relief for their fertility issues such as blocked fallopian tubes or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). 

Fortunately, this natural Serrapeptase remedy has been proven effective by studies all over the world when it comes to reducing inflammation, helping thousands of people to experience natural relief for their various health conditions. 


4. Pain Relief Anywhere In The Body

Forget painkillers and messy ointments! Serrapeptase is a revolutionary new way to reduce inflammation and get relief from chronic aches. It works by blocking proteins in the body, like bradykinin, that are responsible for painful flare-ups. 

With this natural ingredient you can beat headaches, migraines or arthritis without any of those pesky side effects associated with pharmaceuticals – making it an ideal choice if you’re looking for long term comfort anywhere on your body.



Anti-Aging Benefits 

Combatting the effects of ageing may seem daunting. Serrapeptase is an effective anti-inflammatory supplement that may help to fight the signs of premature ageing.

This powerful compound aids in reducing inflammation throughout your body, encouraging healthier skin – giving you a more radiant complexion. Along with supporting natural relief from joint pain – allowing you to move with ease, it can also enhance your overall vitality. For all of these reasons, taking Serrapeptase can be a great way to enhance your ant-aging beauty and wellness regime.

Autoimmune Diseases

Could an enzyme be the key to relief from some of the most unpredictable autoimmune conditions? Researchers believe that Serrapeptase may have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on chronic illnesses such as Crohn’s Disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. This natural enzyme targets inflammation in the body, providing much needed support for those managing long term autoimmunity.

Brain Health 

A breakthrough study has uncovered an essential link between mental health and the physical deterioration of brain cells. The Canadian Centre for Addiction and Mental Health recently discovered that to successfully treat patients with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, it is important to address both depression AND associated inflammation in the body as a whole. 

Serrapeptase may be one key solution for reducing this inflammatory response, potentially helping those suffering from neurodegenerative diseases understand their treatment options further than ever before!

Eye and Ear Health 

The Serrapeptase enzyme can be an excellent way to dissolve certain substances that cause problems for the eyes and ears. By breaking down these particles, it could potentially reduce inflammation or other symptoms associated with eye conditions or infections of the ear. While taking this supplement may help alleviate some issues, antibiotics are still required in many cases for lasting relief from a serious infection.

Joint Pain

Serrapeptase is a powerful enzyme with the potential to improve many joint pain conditions. Studies have found that it can help users manage and control inflammation and painful symptoms related to Rheumatoid Arthritis, offering long-term relief from uncomfortable flare-ups. Additionally, Serrapeptase could reduce built up tissue in the body caused by non living processes – making it an invaluable tool for overall health.


Migraines are intense, debilitating pains that can affect one side of the head and make everyday tasks difficult to complete. Aside from throbbing headaches, typical migraine symptoms include nausea, vomiting and extreme light/sound sensitivity lasting up to three days. 

Thankfully for those affected by migraines there is a natural solution: Serrapeptase! This supplement has been used as part of an overall healthy lifestyle approach and may be a safe and effective natural solution, compared to NSAIDs, medications or other treatments.

Reproductive Health

For women experiencing fertility issues, a natural solution may be within reach. Research and countless testimonials show that the Serrapeptase enzyme could potentially reduce inflammation and increase chances of conception for those with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or Endometriosis! 

By clearing blockages in reproductive organs and relieving inflammatory discomfort associated with these conditions, many women have felt empowered to take control of their own health journey. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your reproductive health challenges – don’t give up hope just yet as this unique supplement might provide a potential solution to support natural conception. 

Skin Health

Have you ever wondered why skin issues such as acne, psoriasis and eczema can be so persistent? Well, the root cause is often an underlying condition of inflammation. It’s important to address lifestyle factors such as poor diet. 

For example, eating starchy carbs or sugary foods or drinks, may contribute to hormone imbalances that result in this inflammatory response from the body. 

Natural supplements like Serrapeptase are a great way to combat both end results – namely unsightly blemishes on your complexion – as well as addressing deep-rooted causes of inflammation – all of which can promote healthy skin.



5. Would Serrapeptase Be A Good Choice For My Post-Surgery Recovery?

Surgery can often leave behind scars that are both unsightly and painful. While scarring is a natural part of the healing process, there’s good news – Serrapeptase may be able to help reduce their appearance! 

Taking this enzyme as part of your post-surgery recovery routine could minimize painkillers needed for relief while promoting healthier skin tissue regeneration.



6. I Have Surgical Mesh In My Body. Can I Take Serrapeptase?

For those with medical implants, like a surgical mesh, taking Serrapeptase may be cause for concern. But there’s no need to worry – this amazing enzyme is sophisticated enough to differentiate between living and dead tissue so that it only removes scarring or inflammation without affecting your implant! 

If you’re looking for an effective natural solution for inflammation and pain relief, Serrapeptase is a good choice. Just take caution if you have a surgical mesh installed.

So don’t hesitate if you’re looking for an effective solution – just make sure to take caution when using Serrapeptase while having a surgical mesh installed.



7. How Do I Take Serrapeptase?

Taking the powerful Serrapeptase enzyme is simple, yet effective. To get the best results from this supplement, take it first thing in the morning and at night before bed; doing so ensures that your body has 12 hours of sustained benefits. 

Be sure to take them 30 minutes prior to consuming food as they should be taken on an empty stomach for optimal efficiency. Taking these tablets with meals will not affect their potency but instead can hinder its ability to work effectively within your system as the enzyme works on the digestive process instead.



8. How Much Serrapeptase Should I Take? What Is The Maximum Dose?

For the best results, finding your perfect dose of Serrapeptase is key! Start with a small dosage and observe how you feel; if improvements occur, keep increasing until relief from symptoms is experienced. Afterwards, settle into a lower maintenance serving size for long-term health benefits. With this approach, it’s easy to find what works perfectly for you.



9. Who Is Serrapeptase Suitable For? 

Serrapeptase is safe to take for people of all ages, genders and backgrounds – from babies to seniors. Regardless if you are pregnant or have a health condition or disability, Serrapeptase could be the answer your body needs. 



10. If Serrapeptase Has Many Benefits, Why Do Doctors Not Prescribe It?

Serrapeptase is an effective enzyme thought to help the body’s natural healing process, though most Western doctors don’t commonly prescribe it. This is due in part to following Pharmaceutical models which often lack incentives for prescribing something naturally derived like Serrapeptase. 

In contrast, some countries such as Germany and Japan frequently turn to this helpful supplement when trying a different approach with their patients’ health needs.



11. Can I Take Serrapeptase If I’m On Medications?

Are you wondering if it’s ok to take Serrapeptase while on medications? Yes, you can, as there are no contraindications or adverse side effects. However, it’s recommended to take your supplement at least an hour before any other meds. 



If you want even more information about this natural and powerful enzyme, why not join our 14K+ members strong Serrapeptase Facebook Group for support from informed expert nutritionists?

Our founder Robert Redfern also did a Serrapeptase live Q&A webinar in 2021 and you can watch this here for more information.

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SerraEnzyme™ 250,000IU – This is a high-strength formula containing 250,000IU of Serrapeptase. It helps provide fast relief from inflammation and the symptoms of pain that can result in various health conditions. Available from Good Health Naturally.


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SerraPlus+™ – This is a high dosage formula of 80,000IU delayed release Serrapeptase. In addition, it also has MSM and trace minerals. This can help to support normal lung, joint, tendon and connective tissue health. Available from Good Health Naturally.

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