Are You Getting Enough Fulvic Minerals For Your Good Health?

Many of us recognise that our body needs minerals as they are essential for achieving good health. However, not many of us have heard about the benefits of fulvic minerals and their role in promoting overall wellness and longevity.

Some of the many amazing health benefits of fulvic minerals include boosting the immune system, decreasing inflammation, improving brain function, reducing fatigue and even aiding iron absorption into the body.

What are Fulvic Minerals?

Naturally fulvic acids contain more than 70 minerals, amino acids, sugars, peptides, nucleic acids, phytochemical compounds, vitamins and fragments of plant DNA – with most of them occurring in ionic form. [1]

Where Do Fulvic Minerals Come From?

Fulvic Minerals are natural, water-soluble elements found in decomposed organic matter.

As important naturally-occurring organic compounds, fulvic minerals develop slowly over time and are normally formed from prehistoric plants that take centuries to fully decompose. They are also known as fulvic acids.

Why Take Fulvic Minerals?

Traditionally, following a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables should be enough to ensure you are getting enough essential minerals for good health. However, research shows that modern mass-agricultural practices have removed many of the organic minerals that were originally found in the soil.

Many of the bugs in the soil are being killed off and re-mineralisation isn’t happening like it used to. The quality of the soil dictates the quality of the vegetables, and as soil depletion accelerates, many fruits and vegetables have become less nutritious over time. [2]

Adding fulvic minerals into your daily regime can help to supplement any nutritional deficiencies that may result from consuming modern food.


Seven Health Benefits of Fulvic Minerals

Here are some of the health benefits you will receive from taking fulvic minerals on a daily basis…


1) May Boost Cellular Function

Research shows that shilajit, a black/brown resin rich in minerals, may preserve the function of mitochondria – where energy is produced within the cells. [3] Fulvic acids also contain the antioxidants that can counteract free radicals by helping to detoxify the body of many toxins that may be contributing towards a health problem.


2) Helps Boost Digestion and Nutrient Absorption 

Studies show that fulvic acid transports minerals and other nutrients to cells more effectively, boosting their absorption rate. It does this by increasing cell permeability and fighting inflammation within the digestive tract. Getting enough electrolytes and other trace minerals is essential for proper metabolic function, digestive health and nutrient assimilation.


3) Gives You More Energy 

Patients who were given fulvic acid were found to have better daytime energy and a better night’s sleep. Fulvic acid can battle tiredness and low energy levels that are associated with impaired adrenal glands. Fatigue is often caused by mineral imbalance or nutrient deficiencies and taking fulvic acid can help to restore your body’s trace minerals. Fulvic acid has also been found to help with calming the nervous system and relieving stress.


4) Supports Your Gut Health and Improves Immune Function 

Taking fulvic acid can boost the health of your digestive system by replenishing nutrients and enzymes. Along with removing inflammatory foods and toxins, taking fulvic acid can help to cleanse and replenish the nutrients your gut and body needs for healing.

There is some evidence that fulvic minerals can decrease digestive disorders and issues such as small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) symptoms, inflammatory bowel disorders, bacterial infections, along with flu and common colds.


5) Reduces Pain 

Researchers have found that fulvic acid has high-success rates in regards to pain management. Hospitals have reported a nearly 95% success rate when treating corneal ulcers with fulvic acids injections and drops. Another hospital found that fulvic acid is beneficial with pain related to ulcerative colon infections, gastrointestinal bleeding, and haemorrhoids.


6) Supports Brain Health and Cognition 

Studies show that fulvic acid may be useful for preventing Alzheimer’s Disease. An important study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease stated that fulvic and humic acids have cognitive-protective properties. [4] This means fulvic acid has promise for naturally treating other neurodegenerative disorders.


7) Detoxes Heavy Metals 

Toxins are a part of everyday life and are found in food supplies, agricultural produce, water, household products, heavy metals, air pollution and prescription drugs. One of the fulvic minerals known as humic acid can aid in detoxification and is effective by breaking bonds in these toxins, so it’s easier for the body to get rid of them. Fulvic minerals may therefore help to detox the body from heavy metals.


How Fulvic Minerals Make A Difference…

“Someone sent me a little tiny bottle of fulvic minerals and I woke up the next morning and felt 10 years younger. My body that already felt good, now felt fabulous.” – Clive De Carle

“I started giving it to all of my clients. I had people on death’s door who said as it touched their mouth, they felt better right away. It’s everywhere in soil…huge amounts of fulvic minerals. As we know there are certain deposits which are so rich, just a few drops in water is all I needed.” – Anon 

“I like it in a glass of water in the summertime. It’s just refreshing and I feel better. When you think it can’t get better, it can. Even when I do mineral supplementation it’s like wow, I feel great.” Anon 


Why We Recommend Pure Concentrated Organic Minerals With Fulvic Acid 

For all of these reasons, taking fulvic minerals is considered as the “Missing Link of Nutrition” needed for best health. Along with balancing and energising cell life and all biological processes, Pure Concentrated Organic Minerals™ with Fulvic Acid as mentioned above, can support a wide range of conditions for good health.


How To Take Pure Concentrated Organic Minerals with Fulvic Acid…

For best results with the Pure Organic Minerals with Fulvic Acid liquid,  it’s recommended to take 2 or 3 drops, two or three times daily in non-chlorinated water or fruit juice. For the capsules, it’s recommended to take 2 capsules daily with food.








Recommended Examples

Pure Concentrated Organic Minerals Liquid

Pure Concentrated Organic Minerals™ Liquid with Fulvic Acid

Pure Concentrated Organic Minerals™ Liquid with Fulvic Acid  – This tincture formula contains high fulvic acid content, containing more than 70 trace minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, amino acids, and additional organic acids. Includes organic Selenium, Zinc, Manganese, Copper and others.

May improve energy levels, and supports biological processes. Supports a wide range of health benefits. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Recommended dosage is to take 3-5 drops, 2 or 3 times daily in non-chlorinated water or fruit juice. 2 fl.oz. (60ml). Available from Good Health Naturally.

Pure Concentrated Organic Minerals Capsules

Pure Concentrated Organic Minerals™ Capsules with Fulvic Acid

Pure Concentrated Organic Minerals™ Capsules with Fulvic Acid This complex of fulvic minerals can provide better absorption of nutrients from supplements and food. These minerals can improve energy levels, and this can promote a more sound and restful sleep, while providing relief for aches and pains. Available from Good Health Naturally.

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