5 Nutrients You Should Take To Stay Healthy This Winter

Focusing on immunity is something we should all consider to avoid getting ill and to lower the risk of disease.

On average, more people die during the winter than in the summer months. This could be because of infectious diseases like influenza that tend to circulate more in winter.

Cold and flu symptoms may increase during this time as people stay indoors more often, allowing viruses to pass more easily from one person to the next.

We can’t prevent catching a cold or flu, but we can be prepared to reduce our risk. By reviewing our intake of nutrients and preparing our immune system, we can make a headstart on our health so we’re protected against colds or flu.


Top Recommendations From Our Expert Nutritionists

 We asked our Expert Nutritionists what they recommend when it comes to staying healthy. Based on the latest scientific evidence, we found that the following nutrients are especially beneficial…


1. Vitamin C

As an antioxidant, Vitamin C is essential for supporting immune health and strengthening immune system cells. As shown in studies, it is recommended to help fight colds and reduce their severity. [1]

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that also helps stimulate collagen production, making it great for your skin.  [2]


2. Vitamin D3

Taking Vitamin D3 can help to modulate innate and adaptive immune responses. It can also support our immune system to become more efficient in killing bacteria and viruses, reducing the frequency of upper respiratory infections. [3]


3. Selenium

Taking Selenium can help to boost white blood cells, improving the body’s ability to fight illness and infections. This can increase your body’s immune response, allowing you to reduce the chances of getting a cold or flu. [4]


4. Silver

Due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, Silver can fight germs and provide an effective barrier against infections. Taking Silver acts as your body’s first line of defence against the emerging threat of infections, bacteria and the spread of new viruses that may be detrimental to the health of your immune system.


5. Probiotics

Recent studies have proven that high-quality probiotics stimulate the immune system and improve your overall immune health. [5] Rebalancing your gut flora with probiotics can nourish the “good” bacteria in the digestive tract and help to control harmful microorganisms.



In Conclusion

By considering the above nutrient recommendations and following a healthy lifestyle, you can prepare your immune system for the best health – not just this winter, but for every season.




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