How many times have you heard about the importance of a healthy diet? Dozens for sure, if not thousands of times.

Mostly, people think about diet when trying to curb their weight. With the U.S. obesity rate growing out of control, this is a big issue. But, even those who are thin need to manage their diet precisely in order to achieve good health naturally and avoid the “age-related,” chronic illnesses that plague our society.

According to Author and Nutritionalist Robert Redfern, the number one step anyone should take in their efforts to be healthy is to cut out ALL sticky carbohydrates and processed foods.

“Don’t spend a penny (on any medical treatment),” Redfern recently posted on his Facebook Fan Page, The MiracleEnzyme. “Just cut out all sticky carbs, including grains, cereals and potatoes. Stop high sugar foods and fruits. Eat mostly vegetables, nuts, seeds beans and dark-skinned fruits.”

This diet change will take anyone a long way to good health naturally. So many of our chronic diseases are the result of a poor diet that lacks nutrients and is filled with empty and potentially toxic calories.

Chronic illness that is often referred to as “age-related’ illnesses can be prevented with a healthy diet and people can avoid the cocktails of prescription medicine.

“My concern is that doctors are trapped in a corporate system of pro drugs and disease management,” Redfern posted on his page.

Instead, if people would eat right and stay away from toxic foods that dominate the food supply, then they would avoid many diseases and prescription medication.

To learn more about eating a health diet, follow the advice of Redfern on many of his web pages or “Like” his fan page TheMiracleEnzyme on Facebook.