Your two bean shaped organs, the kidneys, track the body’s fluid usage, levels, pressure and location. Fluid is used to transport waste from the body’s organs to the kidneys for processing or treatment and then excreted as urine.

Due to their importance in keeping us healthy, the Chinese call the kidneys ‘The Master Organ’. Because our organs run on fluid, the kidneys regulate every organ in our body. Healthy kidneys will use between 2 and 4 litres of fluid a day cleansing the system, hence the need for 8 glasses of fresh water daily.

The kidneys regulate the entire system, including the bladder, blood pressure, ovaries, estrogen, testicles, testosterone, sperm production, uterus, prostate, sex drive, pancreas, spleen, lymphatic system, heart, back, arms and legs!

The only areas not regulated by the kidneys are your right shoulder, right pectoral and right trapezes, which are monitored by your liver. There is never a kidney problem that does not include a liver problem. The two organs work hand in hand, so always address them at the same time.