Health News (Week 50 – 2020)

By Robert Redfern

This week the newsletter is full of facts and may not appeal to everyone. These facts are things I am constantly researching and I thank those of you who take the time to send me links that I may have missed.

For those of you that emailed me in a panic when I said we had to consider whether we would have to get the Vacs. to see our family in Australia, don’t panic. You only have to read all of the facts from the FDA and below to see how unlikely it is that we will have the Vacs..

Quite frankly I think it is better to halt the CV-19 emails, get Christmas and New Year’s Eve over, and then I will review where things are in January. Do you agree? Of course, please feel free to email me anytime, with anything you find – or should you have questions, on any subject!

There are two sets of facts. The first below is the FDA list of possible outcomes of the Pfizer Vacs. for the medical profession to look out for.

The second is an exposé of the background of the ‘shady’ Pfizer mRNA Vacs. and the billions being made by the people behind it.

For those who have had enough of CV-19, you can alternatively listen to my recent broadcast hosting a radio show for The Power Hour Nation

Article 1.

What are the possible consequences of having a Vacs.?

FDA Safety Surveillance of COVID-19 Vacs.:

Working list of possible adverse event outcomes

*Subject to change*

  • Guillain-Barré syndrome
  • Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
  • Transverse myelitis
  • Encephalitis/Myelitis/Encephalomyelitis/
  • Meningoencephalitis/Meningitis/Encephalopathy
  • Convulsions/Seizures
  • Stroke
  • Narcolepsy and Cataplexy
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Acute myocardial infarction
  • Myocarditis/Pericarditis
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Death
  • Pregnancy and birth outcomes
  • Other acute demyelinating diseases
  • Non-anaphylactic allergic reactions
  • Thrombocytopenia
  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation
  • Venous thromboembolism
  • Arthritis and Arthralgia/Joint pain
  • Kawasaki disease
  • Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children
  • Vacs. enhanced disease

Download the full article here

Article 2.

What is pfizer’s bnt162b2 mrna Vacs.?

November 11, 2020C.H.I./2020

“Hacking the software of life”
– Dr Tal Zaks, Moderna’s Chief Medical Officer.

Messenger RNA Vacs.s are being touted as the way forward in combating the virus, yet permanent gene-altering technology fast-tracked to become the first Covid-19 Vacs. widely available for use is deeply concerning, considering that this experimental technology with potentially far-reaching consequences has had little to no testing on Humans.

1. What is mRNA?

m – messenger / RNA – RiboNucleic


Here’s the idea: Instead of producing protein drugs using genetically engineered bacteria in dedicated manufacturing plants—the dominant biotech model of the past 30 years—why not enable the human body to produce its own protein drugs, on demand?

Researchers began tinkering in the mid-1990s with nucleic acid Vacs.s, which include DNA Vacs.s and messenger RNA (mRNA) Vacs.s.

As a form of gene therapy, both represent a significant departure from classical Vacs.s. Whereas the latter introduce a Vacs. antigen to produce an immune response, nucleic acid Vacs.s instead send the body instructions to produce the antigen itself.

After the mRNA, a chemical messenger that contains instructions for making protein’s “code” is injected into the body, it instructs the machinery in your cells to produce particular proteins. Your body then becomes a Vacs. factory, producing parts of the virus that trigger the immune system.

Although it may sound simple to use mRNA to express proteins into cells, there are several obstacles in practical applications. For example, cells sense the invasion of foreign mRNA and activate the body’s innate immune system to degrade these foreign nucleic acids. This is the body’s mechanism for self-protection to prevent cells from being manipulated by intruders.

Messenger RNA is a technique that was abandoned by several large pharmaceutical and biotech companies over the years, as they were unable to overcome the dangerous side-effects of getting RNA into cells.

As of recently, no mRNA drug had been approved for human use, other than rival mRNA Vacs. researcher Moderna’s government fast-tracked Vacs.; mRNA-1273 in mid-March.

Then recently, almost out of the blue, Pfizer, in conjunction with the German-based BioNTech Group, announced their Vacs., BNT162b2, was showing a 90% efficacy rate.

The BioNtech founders Ozlem Tureci and Ugur Sahin, a German-Turkish couple, are behind the Vacs.. It may bolster their fortune to more than $3.8 billion.

Some feel the timing of Pfizer’s announcement was political, and it was delayed until, or timed to coincide, with a certain recent ‘expected’ outcome.

In order to protect mRNA molecules from the body’s natural defenses, drug developers must wrap them in a protective casing. In the earlier days of research on mRNA, for Moderna that meant putting its Crigler-Najjar therapy in nanoparticles made of lipids. But dose too little, and you don’t get enough enzyme to affect the disease; dose too much, and the drug is too toxic for patients. Nanoparticles can lead to dangerous side effects, especially if a patient has to take repeated doses over months or years.

The idea of using mRNA to ask the human body to read the instructions and manufacture the viral proteins is not new. Researchers almost two decades ago demonstrated that externally supplied mRNA is translated into the encoded protein. However, mRNA is not a very stable molecule, which prevented those mRNA Vacs.s from becoming a reality.

Also, if gene therapy ‘chooses’ certain types of viruses as vectors, it can actually cause fatal side effects, or induce patients to develop leukemia.

However, since at least last year, the smaller pharma company included in ‘operation warp-speed’, Moderna, has sought to resolve this issue by adding “nano-particles” to its mRNA Vacs., a modification financed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

mRNA itself is also very unstable and difficult to develop into drugs. A few years after it’s inception, scientists discovered that the mRNA synthesized in the lab could trigger an immune response after injection, resulting in a more dangerous inflammatory response, than the disease being treated.

Several workarounds for this issue have been proposed, including Vacs.s where the genetic material (RNA or DNA) “self-amplifies.” However, the workaround of choice to this lack of immune response and other obstacles for DNA/RNA Vacs.s is the incorporation of nanotechnology into these Vacs.s. As a result, the use of nanoparticles as the carriers for the genetic material in these Vacs.s has been widely promoted and studied, as well as touted as the best way to improve their stability, increase their targeted delivery ability and enhance the immune response they provoke.

Pfizer’s coronavirus Vacs. relies on a new, unproven technology. This diagram shows how it differs from other candidates;

Side note/s: Russia’s Vacs. named Sputnik V, which they claim has a 92% efficacy rate, is the second type; a viral vector Vacs.. Both types 1 and 2 do not involve any ‘coding’ of DNA. Considering that no one knows the long-term effects of mRNA in humans, that may put Russia at an advantage at some stage.

And China are not having much luck with their Vacs., named Coronavac; a type 1 Vacs.. The Vacs. has been developed by Chinese firm Sinovac Biotech. Trials in Brazil led to the recent death of a volunteer by suicide.
The final stages of China’s Vacs. trial were recently halted by President Bolsonaro, who has long criticised the Vacs. because of its Chinese links, and said it would not be purchased by his country.
China claims the death was unrelated.

And what Machiavellian medical matrix would be complete without the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)? It’s important to note that DARPA has been very interested in healthcare, specifically mRNA Vacs.s, since 2010. It was also around the same time that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also began heavily funding DNA and RNA Vacs. research.

DARPA often frames the controversial technologies it develops as being developed to mainly advance medicine and healthcare, whereas evidence suggests otherwise. DARPA has a long history in bringing nightmares into reality; another long-standing DARPA program, is known as “Living Foundries.” According to DARPA’s website, Living Foundries;

"…aims to enable adaptable, scalable, and on-demand production of such molecules by programming the fundamental metabolic processes of biological systems to generate a vast number of complex molecules that are not otherwise accessible. Through Living Foundries, DARPA is transforming synthetic biomanufacturing into a predictable engineering practice supportive of a broad range of national security objectives.

darpa – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

When the genomic sequence of the 2019 coronavirus was first uploaded by Chinese scientists on January 11 to GISAID, the global influenza strain public database, the Moderna team had a Vacs. design ready within 48 hours.
It shipped a batch of its first Vacs. candidate to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for a phase one study just 42 days after that. On March 16th, Moderna’s mRNA Vacs., which consists of an entirely untested gene editing technology to initiate immunity to disease, was injected into humans for the first time. [Moderna’s PDF report]

That’s lightning fast. Vacs. typically take years (or in some cases, decades) to develop, but it’s not fast enough for Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel. “Every day we’re losing lives; we really believe that every day matters,” he said.

Bancel became a Billionaire through the sale of Moderna stock that jumped 30%+ on Moderna’s dubious phase I trial results. If you’re wondering how they get away with clear insider-trading, and biotech is rife with it, its done via prearranged 10b5-1 trading plans. They work best with a ‘crystal ball’.

Fauci is also moving forward, without waiting for the green light from trials or the US Government. In an appearance on NBC’s Today Show, Fauci was asked whether he thought it was “in the realm of possibility” to have a potential Vacs. ready for wide distribution by January;

“In other words, you don’t wait until you get an answer before you start manufacturing. You at risk — proactively — start making it, assuming it’s going to work,” Fauci said. “And if it does, then you can scale up and hopefully get to that timeline.”

Anthony Fauci, NPR

The following day after Pfizer announced their 90% efficacy rate, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Pfizer’s success was ‘extraordinary’, and shots will likely be available for most Americans who want it by April.

The Pfizer plant in Michigan is now the leading edge of the crash program to inoculate America. It’s Vacs. stored in 350 ultra-cold freezers waiting for FDA approval. Army General Gus Perna, in charge of delivering the Vacs., has been counting on Pfizer to be the first and the most difficult to distribute because it requires two shots; since the body breaks down mRNA quickly, these Vacs.s require a booster shot. Pfizer’s Vacs. must be stored and transported at minus 70C (-158F), in special suitcases, making administering a dose not possible at your local doctor.

“Some of the Vacs. candidates under development, specifically the RNA Vacs. candidates, require a very challenging cold chain, any break of the cold chain can considerably reduce Vacs. potency.”

After being transported and held in storage the Pfizer Vacs. can last for only about 24 hours at “normal” refrigerated temperatures, Dr Chen said.

Rongjun Chen – biomaterials engineering at Imperial College London

Pfizer is delivering two shots three weeks apart, while participants in Moderna’s trial are receiving two shots 28 days apart.

Moderna and Pfizer’s phase-three trials were neck-and-neck until Pfizer announced its promising results on Monday, 9/Nov. Pfizer is still waiting on more safety data, however — and the trial results still need to be evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Moderna also expects to release findings this month. MRNA:NASDAQ may be a buy at $76 at the time of writing [11/Nov].

Speaking of pump and dumps; on 9/Nov Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sold 62% of his stock, valued at $5.6 million, on the same day the company recently announced its experimental COVID-19 Vacs. succeeded in clinical trials. The announcement sent Pfizer’s shares soaring almost 15% on the day. Yeah; 10b5-1.

2. So is messenger RNA (mRNA) safe or not?

Moderna’s mRNA info-graphic. Note the use of the word ‘temporary’

The TL;DR is; we simply don’t know.

And that’s reason enough not to go down this alley.

With the effects having the potential to permanently change our species’ DNA in ways we can’t possibly predict in the long-term, it’s the ultimate gamble. In fact, technically you’re no longer human according to the original blueprint, because after introducing foreign DNA, you become a chimera.
All for a flu shot. Worth it?

In a 2017 TED Talk, two years after joining Moderna, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tal Zaks spoke at length about how he views mRNA Vacs.s and their functionality, including those he produces at Moderna. In a speech entitled “The disease-eradicating potential of gene editing,” Zaks’ describes Moderna’s mRNA products as, making permanent edits to human genes, clashes with often touted claims that the genetic material in mRNA Vacs.s “degrade” over time and do not permanently alter human genetics like DNA Vacs.s.

At the beginning of his talk, Zaks states that Moderna and similar companies;

“are actually hacking the software of life and that it’s changing the way we think of and treat disease.” He describes mRNA as “critical information that determines what a cell will actually do” and then states that, if one could “introduce a line of code or change a line of code” in a person’s genome, that has “profound implications for everything.”

Dr Tal Zaks

He then falsely claims that Moderna’s products at the time were proven to “work in people” yet the company was never able to convince the federal government to license its mRNA Vacs.s for human use due to their lack of effectiveness, excluding having it’s CCP virus Vacs., mRNA-1273, fast-tracked in March, 2020.

Interestingly, the recommended talk on the ‘TED talks’ website that immediately follows Zak’s talk is titled; ‘Gene Editing Can Now Change an Entire Species – Forever‘, by Jennifer Kahn.
She explains how this exact technology can result in the entire eradication of a species, depending on what ‘message’ the RNA inserted into the human body has for our cells. And mRNA is a long way from being an exact science, nor do the population have any real way of knowing exactly what ‘instructions’ are being delivered to their DNA.

High stakes, wouldn’t you say?

(She goes on to state that CRISPR technology can not be used to engineer viruses. Whether the tech evolved in the 12 months after the talk was given, or she got that one ‘accidentally’ wrong is unclear.)

This animation explains how an emerging technology called “gene drives” may be used to potentially spread particular genomic alterations through targeted wild populations over many generations. It uses mosquitoes as an example of a target species – and illustrates how the versatile genome editing tool called CRISPR makes it possible.

“…better understanding of [RNA] Vacs. adverse effects is need – these can include inflammation and autoimmune reactions”

The PHG Foundation at the University of Cambridge

Autoimmune reactions are when the human immune system attacks healthy elements and processes of the body, or in other words, the body goes to war with itself.

mRNA approaches seem to attract researchers with a highly mechanistic view of human beings. The CEO of Moderna, Bancel, describes mRNA approaches—which use “custom-built” strands of mRNA to “turn the body’s cells into ad hoc drug factories”—as being “like software: You can just turn the crank and get a lot of products going into development.” Likewise, the journal Nature enthuses that the approach “allows rapid refinement with almost limitless combinations of derivatives.”

It’s worth noting that the FDA was aware of Vacs. technology outpacing our ability to predict adverse events as far back as 1999 in their publication “The Pink Sheet” [PDF], yet they seem to be OK with rushing through largely untested on humans mRNA in Vacs.s in 2020.

Infographic; ‘Engineering The Messenger‘ from Science.

It’s troubling that media coverage of biotech companies such as Pfizer, Moderna and Inovio have thus far not included critical reporting regarding the different branches of DARPA’s research that has produced the technology involved in creating these Vacs.s, leaving little room for public scrutiny of their safety, efficacy and their potential for unintended effects on human genetics.

This is concerning given that, over the past several weeks, efforts have been taking shape in many countries to enforce mandatory vaccinations once a Vacs. becomes available. In some countries, it appears likely that the Vacs. will not be made mandatory per say, but will be required for those who wish to return to any semblance of “normalcy” in terms of public gatherings, working certain jobs, leaving one’s home for longer periods of time and so on.

In this case a Certificate Of Vaccination I.D. (C.O.V.I.D?) will be required, and of course Bill Gates has just the thing – Quantum dot tattoos.

Quantum Dot Vacs. ID Tattoos

Moderna’s co-founder, MIT’s Robert Langer, is a Gates associate, whose lab developed the Gates-funded ‘Quantum Dot Tattoo’ (QDot) Vacs. identification marker that is “visible using a special smartphone camera app and filter”

Another Langer-Gates partnership is a “birth control microchip” inserted to the body that releases contraceptives and can be turned on and off wirelessly.

The QDot tattoos are a story within themselves, so I’ve detailed it in a separate post, but they require an enzyme called ‘Luciferase’ to work.

Can’t make this stuff up.

Given that the stage has already been set for mandatory vaccinations that will be “distributed” throughout the U.S. by the military, and by other means globally, now is the time to vigorously raise awareness about mRNA-based Vacs.’s gravely under-reported ability to “hack the software of life” in ways that could harm public health.


-The COVID Vacs. utilizes brand new RNA technology. No RNA drug or Vacs. product has ever been certified for public use.

-Other companies have tried and failed, mainly because safety was a serious concern.

-mRNA has already been injected into the human race by Moderna as of March 16, 2020.

-Pfizer, backed by Gates, is partnering with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the federal agency headed up by Tony Fauci.

-A Certificate Of Vaccination I.D. will likely be required to participate in normal life/society.

Will an actual Vacs. come to fruition from all of this? Will they achieve their dream of neo-feudalism through a Global Reset where they can pump the world full of another cocktail of their choice, while thieving billions upon billions in taxpayer dollars to fund it?

Since Hydroxychloroquine, when given with immune-boosting nutrients such as Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin D3, C and Magnesium would have and will cure most people, banning it was the most evil action of all.

– Robert Redfern.


I continue to declare this to be an evil plan by The Gates Gang/Pharma/Medical Cartel which may or may not quickly be defeated. Until then we can all prepare ourselves for whatever the future holds by becoming super healthy to deal with any eventual challenges. Nothing and nobody can protect you and your family as much as a really healthy lifestyle will.

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