Health News (Week 50 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

Anne and I have arrived back from a trip to Spain. I know we are well into the holiday season but I trust I am not too late with this newsletter. The main point of this quick message is to give you some advice to stay healthy during the food-fest that is the holiday season. We arrived back here and were met by an epidemic of colds, flu and stomach bugs. If you already have any of these then I strongly recommend you get onto the solutions below, today!

My solutions:

1. The first thing is preventative as well as emergency treatment and you probably have this in your kitchen. Its Sodium Bicarbonate, a.k.a Baking Soda (not Baking Powder). Drink 6 x 500ml (16oz) glasses of room temperature water with a 1/3rd teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate of soda in each glass. All sodium bicarbonate is equal and please don’t pay more for so-called ‘aluminium-free’ as it is a scam. Sodium Bicarbonate is the cheapest preventative and disease recovery solution available and in spite of the supplement, we take it is part of our regime.

2. I know it is difficult in company or with family to not indulge in overeating and drinking. If you are already suffering from serious life-threatening health problems then you will be aware that during and after the holiday season is the critical time for a huge increase in deaths and you need to take as much care as possible.

I recommend on the days when you are not in company or family, then stay on home-made vegetable soup. Eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Its nutritious and health sustained and will give your body a rest from the holiday season food and drink. Not only that, you will be amazed at how much more energy you get. Make it at the start of the week and put it in portion sized containers in the refrigerator or freezer if longer than a week. See my Vegetable soup recipes here at Really Healthy Foods

Lastly, there is still time to get you through the festivities using supplements if you cannot manage number 2 above.

3. Take Essential Digestive Plus enzymes and double or triple this before each meal over the six-week period. As well as digesting carbs and sugar easier, all of the food will absorb better.

4. I suspect this is the time when everybody needs Cinnamon27. This will block much of the sugar uptake from the high carb, high sugar foods and help keep your blood sugar levels healthy. If you can’t cut out sugar, take this before any food (with sugar).

5. Last, but certainly not least, is Prescript Biotics. This is without a doubt, the most powerful probiotic and you can take it preventatively or in high doses if you do get any digestive problems or even prevent food poisoning if you are susceptible.
I asked Good Health Naturally to create a pack for all three of these recommendations and they have also provided a 10% discount. Shop here for your ‘Holiday Pack’.

If you have digestive problems you can also consider activated charcoal. This will help with bloating and will reduce any flatulence after eating, as well as detoxing and food poisoning.




‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’, and never is it more apt than to prevent being one of the casualties of overindulgence in the holiday season.